Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Power of the Rev3 Visor

Heidi of BananaBuzzBomb did a vlog about the Power of the Visor and I wanted to follow suit!

I can't believe that I actually did this because I'm really nervous about putting myself talking out there.. why? Who knows. In watching this my mouth seems numb on my right side still.. where I've had numerous shots of novicane over the last month.... or maybe that's just the way I always look.

Go ahead and laugh at the alfalfa sprout poking out of the top of my head too. Yea nice. :) I don't love my voice... been told I sound like an old man more than once in my life, but aw well.. it is what it is.

My Vlog debut!

All of you owners of Rev3 Visors... I challenge you to do your own post... vlog or not... about what wearing the Rev3 Visor (race shirt or whatever) means to you!!! Make sure you use the hashtag #poweroftheREV3visor and @headsweatsco when you post to twitter. It's about getting the good word and inspiration out. I want to motivate people to get out on their run, bike, swim.. or workout of whatever type they are down with. Just like it did for Heidi and I!!!

Rock on and don't forget to donate the Ulman Cancer Fund on behalf of the Rev3 Run Across America ======>>>>


  1. Welcome to the world of vloging! This is fantastic. I must admit I still cringe when I hear my voice, but it's getting better.

    Totally digging the hair color and pigtails. And must admit I'm jealous of your yellow visor given I am BananaBuzzbomb and all ;)

    Hope others join in!

  2. More pink to come! :) Thanks!!!

  3. WOO HOO!!
    I have yet to VLOG so this'll be my first one kay.
    You will be the first to know since you have a special spot on my visor :)

    ps-you don't sound like an old man

  4. Oh my goodness... you are too stinking cute! I loved the vlog...

  5. Love you LM! (Love the headphone stabilization idea..thanks!)