Thursday, January 12, 2012

Impossible List

I know I said this year would be the Year of CRAPTASTIC.. or whatever I said..... BUT! You know I couldn't put that negative bullshit out there and just leaving it hanging in the air to grow into something that is indeed craptastic.

I've been reading some truly amazing things (that I try not to let paralyze me from writing) lately that have got me in a great head space. A head space that is FAR FROM CRAPTASTIC. Combine this w/ the amazingness that is happening with Rev3. The true partnership with Ulman Cancer Fund has me nearly jumping out of my skin. Did you hear? Rev3 and Ulman are partnering on the 1/2 Full Tri in Maryland in October. That's THREE Rev3 races in the month of October. WOW! Or BOOM as our Wattie Ink challengers like to say! Yea we have a competition going on! They've also been challenged to do the VIRTUAL RUN ACROSS AMERICA (details to come) and to raise more money than us... because that's what this is about. And on that note.. hit that donate now button to the right! =>>>>>

The chats going on amongst my team mates this year is so meaningful so impactful and inspiring. Much deeper than just triathlon... while, of course, we talk about this a lot!

Okay. Back to my task at hand w/ this post. See I'm so damn excited about all of this stuff that I can't even get through one - not really related, but totally related - post without going on and on about it!

Perhaps you noticed the new tab called Impossible List that appeared on the top of the blog? What IS that all about?

Well I stumbled upon Joel Runyon's site ImpossibleHQ and became immediately inspired. I want to open this life up like a big ol' can of worms. Why the heck not? What else am I here for.

I've been reading so much stuff (ya know in my spare time when I'm not running, contacting local papers, talking to my team, coordinating runners, contacting people to volunteer for Rev3 Quassy in June, oh and caring for two little people and talking to my husband) that my head feels like it might explode with the potential that we all posses to not only live a super fantastic high quality life of OUR dreams, but the potential to do good.... just by living this high quality life!

So you can click on that tab and see the first rough draft of my Impossible List. It's like a bucket list, but it changes and grows as I change and grow. It's not a list of things I want to do leading up to my death... it's a list of things I want to do to honor my LIFE!

And with out further ado allow me to share other mind blowing resources for your exploding brain pleasure! Let's kick it up a notch people. Look at your life. Is this what it's all about? Is this all there is!? I promise you it is not! You CAN live your dream. I'm slowly starting to figure out what MY DREAM even LOOKS like!

These people are doing things that are worthy of talking about!

Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend
Joel Runyon of Impossible HQ
Gary Vaynerchuck
Amber Zuckswert of Epic Self

There are others, but these are the four I've really been diving into!

So... dare I say Impossible 2012? I hate to label... well, obviously I don't.. I'm gun shy about labeling. I've figured out that it's me and my attitude toward the year (or anything really) that decides whether it was successful... not the actual events of the year themselves.

Onward and upward folks. This year is underway. Hold onto your hats and make it whatever it is YOU want it to be!

What are your big plans for 2012? Where are you putting yourself out there ... outside of your comfort zone.. making it an IMPOSSIBLE smashing year! Crush that barrier!! And then smile and pat yourself on the back. You owe it to you.. to me.. to your children and their children.


  1. get rid of that craptasticness and embrace the epic amazingness that is going to be 2012.

    so happy to be a part of rev 3 and all the great that is going on this year. and i am so thankful that you are part of that awesome package!!

    keep on being awesome and remember the word imPOSSIBLE
    in it

  2. I love the impossible list, but it really needs a different title - because you can do it! :)

  3. I support all of you impossible list except for the Move back to Seattle one, I won't be sad if that doesn't happen;) And you've helped me to reach my fitness goals, so maybe you should up that number to 2.

  4. Great list. It's all possible and the sooner we realize these restraints are all in our heads the faster we will get to possible.

  5. Your list is awesome. I love it....but then I love being your teammate, too!