Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Impossible things!

I stumbled up on Joel Runyon's Website Impossible HQ and was immediately intrigued!

Then my friend Christine (check her out. She organized a 5k last year and earned $20k for Haiti) sent a Facebook message to a bunch of us listing the 10 impossible things she did in 2011 and the 10 impossible things she wanted to do in 2012... all based on Joel's Impossible HQ site.

I decided to play along.

10 Things in 2011

1. Completed a half distance triathlon. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1mile run
2. Became a sponsored triathlete
3. Worked at two Rev3 events and had two of the most epic weekends of my life
4. Moved my Great Uncle into a home and organized his entire portfolio of
art - including 150 canvases and nearly 1000 pieces of original art on paper.
5. Simplified our belongings and donated thousands of dollars worth of stuff we did NOT need.
6. Completed my 4th marathon despite fighting an injury
7. Rode the MS150 with my family from Houston to Austin
8. Tried my hand at Personal Training & eliminated another thing that does not quite express my passion
9. Kept pushing through physical obstacles to keep on running.
10. Discovered that I am physically and mentally stronger than I thought I was.

on Tap for 2012

1. Run Across America with Rev3
2. Raise $100k for Ulman Cancer Fund w/ Rev3
3. Race my 2nd 70.3 at Rev3 ME
4. Start ECH Fine Art and Designs and sell my Great Uncle's Art
5. Send 1 hand written card every day for 365 days
6. Do 52 Random Acts of Kindness with my kids
7. Compost {Again}
8. Downsize our house
9. Return to my {mostly} vegetarian diet for my health and the environment
10. Go 1 month, 2 months, 3 month w/o purchasing anything BRAND new. (except running shoes)

As the year goes on I will be constructing a "life long" list of IMPOSSIBLE things. Like a bucket list, but, like, way cooler! :) I encourage you to reach for the stars. To put that thing out there that rolls around in the back of you mind.... that you never speak. SPEAK it... to the world... and watch impossible things happen! Make IMpossible POSSIBLE!

Speaking of impossible things. Here are something to inspire you to think of IMPOSSIBLE things and walls YOU can shatter!

Jim Wilkes a Team RWB triathlete. His doctor USED the word IMPOSSIBLE when he asked if he could ever do a triathlon. Look at him now! Like him on Facebook!!!


  1. LOVE THIS!! I saw something the other day that went kind of like this: "Impossible can be seen as I'm possible." Also, totally fascinated by your #10 for 2012. I have been thinking along these lines for about a month and even posted something in a FB discussion about this YESTERDAY!! I just feel like I buy so many things for myself that I really don't need. I like the one month at a time approach...much more tangible than shooting for the entire year.

    Keep us posted!!

  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    You. Are. Awesome. I think I need to make a list now....

  3. Can't wait to meet you at Rev3 ME. That is going to be incredible.

    Love the idea of a handwritten note for a year, but I know I will not do that so I'm going with something different. A journal where I write down one word to describe my feeling before the day starts and one when the day ends. Or really b/c I'm long winded a statement.

  4. I love this idea! Sounds very motivating!

  5. Love that you dream big and act big! You have a fantastic list put together. Really hope to hook up with you on the road for the ulman run!