Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm Not Sitting Down Till it's Over!

so you may or may not know, but me and Jesus share a birthday. I'm cresting the hill and riding the slope down starting on December 25th.

I turned 35 last year and it was the first birthday to give me pause. Every other year I truly felt AT LEAST 10 years younger... well in the last 5 years I guess. Last year was different. I was facing 40 as my next milestone. How in the HELL did that happen? Well, I'm mostly over it. Though I'm quite aware that it is a slippery slope. Why do I care about being 40? Who the hell knows. I don't give it a lot of thought really, but I'm really not to excited about it truth be told.

I can really identify with this song lately. It's in more than one of my spin play lists and it always gets me fired up during class!!

"I'm not sittin' down till I'm older and I'm not shuttin' up till it's over!"

What's my point? God, I'm sure there is one!!! I've got things rolling around in my mind (when don't I).... no, not just the normal mundane BS that is usually rolling around in there, but stuff that is SO MUCH cooler.

In the last couple of years I've not been 100% satisfied with how the year closed. (even though I've had perfectly fine years.) Well, who do you think is to blame for that feeling? Um, sheepishly raising hand, ME!!!

In 2012 I'm going to try some new things... LOT'S of new things. Some big ideas and some small ideas. I've given some hints on Facebook and will provide just a few more below. I'll detail each of them as the weeks pass on and I will invite you to join me on many of them.

Impossible HQ
I'll be modifying this. Since XMas is soon to be over.

With EMPHASIS on the NO WHINING. And I'm not just talking about my kids.

I'm looking forward to sharing with you and to hearing all about what you've got planned for 2012!!!!

Let's LIVE LIFE LOUD!!! I'm not sitting down.


  1. I'm already getting freaked out about everything going on in 2012. Crap - I need to get a new planner asap!

    I can't wait to hear about all of the new things you have planned for next year! :)

  2. "Let's LIVE LIFE LOUD!!! I'm not sitting down."
    LOVE THIS!! What a great way to head into the new year!

  3. Great blog! I'm really inspire on this. Thanks!

  4. Looking ahead, making plans, setting goals...all good stuff. Interested to see what it will all be!

  5. Love!! I think are minds are working on the same level these days! Can't wait to see your ideas...they are always good!

    BTW, I just saw those house rules on a big canvas at TJ Maxx...I'm totally thinking about buying it!!

  6. Kelly I totally want those... how much are they?