Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Rev3 and the Ulman Cancer Fund's Team Fight


Rev3 has partnered with Team Fight!!! Just when I thought this crazy adventure couldn't get any better. Now a way to continue to give back while indulging myself in this crazy world of multisport!

TEAM FIGHT is a motivated group of great people of all ages and abilities training to support young adults and their loved ones affected by cancer.
  • We FIGHT because there are over 70,000 young adults diagnosed with cancer each year.
  • We FIGHT because survival rates have NOT increased for young adults in over 35 years.
  • We FIGHT because we want to raise awareness.
  • We FIGHT because we care and want to make a difference.
TEAM FIGHT is a great way to give back to the community while having a great time working out and meeting new people.  There is no greater feeling than working hard to accomplish your goals and have a part in winning the FIGHT against cancer!  This program designed to assist you in raising funds for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults as you train for endurance events including triathlons and running events.

If you are considering participation in one of the Rev3 events please consider doing it through TEAM FIGHT! I am a long time fundraiser and am totally psyched that we have partnered with the UCF!

Here are the basic details:
Fundraising goals by race distance will be $750 for an Olympic Rev, $1000 for a Half Rev, and $1500 for a Full Rev. Racing for TEAM FIGHT will include a custom TEAM FIGHT tri uniform and/or race jersey.

Athletes that raise $1500 will receive:
§  TEAM FIGHT “In Training” Tech Training Shirt
§  Training plans
§  Personalized on-line fundraising tool and support
§  Water Bottle
§  Registration deducted from fundraising
§  Passionate and Supportive Teammates
§  VIP area at race venue

Athletes that raise $2,500 will receive
§  All  of the Above
§  Exclusive TEAM FIGHT/Rev3 Jacket
§  Individual Recognition at Rev3 Event

The Rev3 Top Fundraiser for the season will receive:
§  All of the Above AND
§  Crystal Award Presentation/Recognition at end of season
§  Entry and accommodations for Rev3 Costa Rica 2012 (Did you see that??? ENTRY AND ACCOMMODATIONS!!!!)

 This is an amazing opportunity. I'm hoping to do some fundraising of my very own...


  1. Love it Laura! I think I am going to use the 100 miles of nowhere to kick off some Team Fight Fundraising.

  2. Sweet. I'm trying to figure out how/what I'm going to do and how it might tie into that other thing we're talking about. :)

  3. wow thats awesome! you go girl! great blog! def going to follow if you check mine out too :)

  4. Awesome. Everyone wins, I love it!

    Rock on homeslice!