Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pretty sure I could live on taco stand tacos - Austin Marathon 2/20/2011 Part I

First of all... I LOVE AUSTIN! This was the second time I had ever been there, but in all fairness I don't really remember the first time. It was a long time ago and I think it was only a quick overnight and there was a lot of drinking involved. Different kind of trip.

This vacation was EXACTLY what I needed THREE days with Mama Marie my BFF from Madison. It was like a little piece of home. We tooled around and were on the same page the whole trip. We wanted to see and do the same things... like rock the local co-op for big salad, sushi and kombucha.
 Yummy Co-Op salad.
 Locally brewed Kombucha... and it was the best I've had! Love it.

She just gets me. We both wanted to walk everywhere, use public transportation, visit the same little grocer/coffee shop EVERY SINGLE DAY and eat tacos and drink margaritas. Nothing says BFF like not even needing to compromise once. We walked all over Austin on Saturday, did the race on Sunday then walked all over again on Sunday just chatting away about life.

Some Austin sites...
 This happens to be a Crepe stand, but there were TACO stands everywhere. 
I forgot to take a pic of the stand where we got the BEST TACO in Austin.
 A cute little dog park right by the river.
 We had to stop by Mellow Johnny's Bike shop.
 I was told that this path was 10 miles. HEAVEN! Where do I sign my lease in this awesome town?
 A super cute hotel right on Congress in the heart of a really cool shopping area. 
Ironically called San Jose Hotel.
Check out this cool pedestrian bridge built a bit lower than the driving bridge.

Austin is so accessible. There are wonderful walking paths and side walks everywhere. The public transportation is stellar... $1 to get almost anywhere and the bus drivers were crazy nice and patient with our 'not from hereness'.

I think that when you sign a lease or buy a house in Austin they give you a card from the local tattoo parlor and tell you you have 30 days to get your first tattoo. And you all know I'm down with that! :)

The expo was huge and they did a pretty good job of hitting their 'green' goal. Our packets weren't stuffed full of GARBAGE that I end up just throwing away immediately.

After the expo we tooled around some more then met my parents, aunt and two cousins for some dinner and headed back to the hotel to get our stuff together and get to bed early.... Thanks to Trakkers, Avia, SBR TriSlide and First Endurance for your support of my race.... more to come on all of that tomorrow!


  1. Austin is one of my favorite places too. Except during the weekdays at rush hours on I-35.

    Glad you enjoyed the city!

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I have always wanted to visit Austin for all the things you mentioned. I had to laugh...whenever we go on any trip, I want to visit the local co-op every day, check out the local cafes and businesses, and walk the trails/paths. My husband usually complains and can't understand why one co-op would be any different from another. But I just love to check out local foody options. :) Austin sounds like one place I would LOVE!

  3. Hi there;-)
    are you gonna get a trakkers tatooo??;-)

    and i hear you with the taco stands.

  4. Looks like a blast!!!

  5. I enjoyed Austin. It's so health friendly (besides the taco stands, but you know what... you gotta eat!). Can't wait to read more about the race!

  6. Your pictures are awesome - I've heard Austin is such a great city. I haven't ever experienced a taco stand but it sounds yummy!

  7. Makes me want to go right now!