Monday, January 31, 2011

Sponsor updates and a deal for you!!!

And I continue to be blown away. Not only did we hear of a new sponsor they have offered us a friends and family discount!!! is again an official sponsor of Team Trakkers.  And in addition to that they are extending a discount to our friends and family - to include YOU! So next time you find yourself in need of Tri equipment go to and enter this code: GOTRAKKERS for 15% off your entire purchase.  Follow them on Twitter @All3Sportscom.

Rev3 is also in on the friends and family discount action. You can get $10 off your Rev3 registration using this code: Trakkers27.  You'll be prompted to enter as you register on If you register for a Rev3 race let me know.. and I'll see you there! To keep up on all things Rev3 please follow on Twitter @Rev3Tri.

Go Trakkers AND all of our awesome awesome sponsors!


  1. Hi there;-)
    very cool! and also cool you're sponsored with the Trakkers. I've seen a few bloggy peeps sponsored as well, and while I don't know what it all entials, it seems pretty dang cool. woo-hoo!;-)

  2. AM it entails some sponosorship, awesome opportunities through Rev3 and being a part of a kick ass group of athletes!!! They are really turning out to be like family already and I haven't even met them in person yet.. SOON!!!

  3. Hey Laura! Good reviews and info!

  4. Once all this white stuff thaws, I'll plan a trip down to CT so we can have your first Trakkers meetup and ride the Quassy course!