Sunday, February 13, 2011

Austin Marathon is a comin' whether I'm ready or not.

The Marathon is ONE WEEK away!!!!

I got up a little early this a.m. to type up this blog post because life has just been crazy busy and well... here comes Austin. I was going to tell you all that even though my training has been basically crap and that I haven't even run a solid 20 miler I was still going to shoot for Boston.

As with all things I checked my email before I got started because that's what all good addicts do.

And what did I find, but an email from coach from Spain. He was giving me my 'pre-race' pep talk. And in that pep talk there were a lot of really good points:

- "your longest run isn't long enough to kill a Marathon" uh, TRUE!
- "get in a good training day and don't do anything that puts the rest of your season in doubt" - Good advice! (this after he gives me the details of how my marathon should go down - below)
- "You have bigger goals this year, and this is a stepping stone." - Again, TRUE!
-  "Don't try to make up for it during the taper." - okay, FINE! Is he some sort of mind reader?

So this is one reason why I hired a coach. To remind me of these types of things. It's not a good idea for me to take my subpar training and go all out in a race that I KNOW I'm not prepared for.. in FEBRUARY when I have the BIGGEST season of my life ahead of me! This is base building! BASE BUILDING! That's it. I need to go to Austin, see two women I haven't seen in ages, soak up some love and sun, and recharge my batteries to come back to this hell hole.. I mean frozen tundra... I mean to come home to my family with the pep back in my step and the focus back in my training.

Thanks Coach! This will be the first race I enter where my go to reminders are to slow down and stay steady not kill it! :) Good prep for an ironman, no?

So thanks to coach I've changed my tune and am going for the FUN factor (didn't I already decide that this is what it's all about anyway?). Here's the plan:

Take the first 13 miles easy. (zone 2) Then miles 13-20 slow, but they will still feel hard. That sounds good .. no checking my watch obsessively to make sure I'm "on pace" ... no stress... just run. Doesn't that sound glorious?

And one last quote from coach: "go dumb easy for most of it or you will come unglued badly after 20." (this was a good reminder and pretty much sealed the deal.)

I do have to say that I did a little experiment (more to come on that tomorrow) and my hammie/glute started aching by 1.5 miles... ugh. Don't want to make that any worse either.

So there you have it folks. My race just became a training session. I'm down with that. (Well you and I both know there is that tiny little voice in that back of my mind berating me right now for waving the white flag before I even got there, but don't worry the sensible side of me is giving her the finger and one big eye roll right now.)


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Love what your coach told you!! Long distance is when your "head" plays a HUGE role. Go, enjoy the time with friends-and warmth, get in the miles and move on to a killer season!!

  2. Aren't coaches great??? Sometimes it is really good to have the voice of reason sending you emails from Spain.

  3. Oh wow GOOD LUCK! Stick to the plan and you will do GREAT! What a fun way to start off the season!!!

  4. You'll have your race and it'll be one that you're totally ready for. At least doing the marathon for fun takes a lot of stress off and you can save it for another, more critical race.

    Have a great time in Austin!

  5. My wish for you is a fabulous race with lovely weather!! Enjoy it!! and by taking the first 3/4 "dumb easy" (I love that quote) you might be amazed at what you can do in that last part!! take pictures (mental or with a camera) and have a great weekend.

  6. That is EXACTLY why I have a coach too! I can't wait to hear about it! That race is on my list of races I really want to do!

  7. Have a great time! I can't wait to hear al about it!

  8. I'm excited to be your virtual marathon buddy! I'm excited, and have the same goals. A nice 26.2 mile training run, haha!

  9. You are going to love the
    Austin course. It is so fun and the crows support is amazing. The finish is awesome as you come right past the Capital building and race downhill to the finish line ...such a fun race - be glad you are using it as a training run so you can take in the beautiful sights!

    Oh and the weather is going to be in the low 70's -- you'll be in heaven -- pack your sun screen!

  10. They theory has always been to start slow and taper. :) You are going to do awesome! Don't let the taper tantrums get to you... you're sooooo close!

  11. I totally have taper tantrums.... I need to move this body!

  12. After the race I had this weekend, seeing this quote really makes me feel better..."get in a good training day and don't do anything that puts the rest of your season in doubt"

    It's so true. You've got a big year planned. Enjoy this run this weekend! Just don't kill yourself!

  13. I should write both STUPID SLOW and TRAINING DAY on my arms on Sunday. :) BIGGER GOALS would be another good one. How about a shirt that says "if I'm not running stupid slow slap me in the face!" :D

    The true test... 'can Laura follow basic instructions?'

  14. You are going to do awesome!!