Monday, November 08, 2010

Too Legit to quit!

What can I say.. I wanna be one of the cool kids.

Jon over at SwimCycloRun recently posted about getting his own domain. He was inspired by Megan at The Daily Sweat (she just got a new job in my favorite city in the whole world. Go congratulate her.) How sweet is that? Totally makes you look all legit and stuff. Well I inquired with him as to how this works and what it entails. Well it was pretty simple... so I WANTED IN! It goes with my "2011 is the year of AWESOME" plan. I checked the availability of AUTHENTIC LIVING.. surprise surprise it was taken. So I went with my original idea of changing the name of the site and just went with my tagline. 

I can now be found at ... so if you follow me and want to continue w/ the google reader updates etc you might want to just click on that there "follow" button so as not to lose me. I'm not sure what will happen with any RSS feeds with this change, but I do know that if you keep the link to you will be rerouted to WMA.

So thanks Jon and Megan for the intel on switching to my own domain. I'm happy to be part of the cool club now.... see 2011.. I'm bringing the awesome already and it's not even 2011 yet!!!!

Hopefully everything will go seamlessly. If you have problems let me know!!!!


  1. Very cool... I love that this fits in your 2001 is the year of awesome!

  2. Welcome to the cool club, now you have to follow it up with something even bigger!

  3. Works great! Didn't even notice that you switched it up to its own domain. That, I call is seamless!

  4. It works and the cool kids club is thrilled to have another member.

    And the best part is there is no hazing. You're just in.

    Congrats on getting a great 2011 off to a great start already.

  5. I am loving the song/title. Awesome.

    Happy Monday!

  6. Love it! I have been thinking of doing the same thing.

  7. thanks for the mention and NICE domain. :) We are like pro bloggers now. :)

  8. Yea! I think I'm following your new url. Good luck to you, Laura! :)

    LOVE the name!