Saturday, December 20, 2008


we went sledding for the first time today. On my second run down w/ the kids Lily got a face full of snow like we were at a waterpark and I tried to block it w/ my hands and we crashed. Nothing bad just turned on our sides. Well, after that Lily only rode w/ me one more time. Mid-ride she said, "Mommy don't get snow in my face." and again I tried to block it and again we crashed. She wouldn't ride w/ me anymore saying things like, "no mommy got snow in my face" and "no, mommy crashed." Oh well. Jason went down a few times, but wasn't too interested after that. He was gathering snow balls. He didn't like having to walk back up the hill so he stayed w/ me at the top waiting for Lily and daddy to be done.

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  1. It must the age...Jameson won't even touch the snow! So disappointing! I know someday though they won't want to come in just like us when we were kids! :)