Saturday, November 22, 2008

You're not coughing

The other night Lily was sick and threw up in her bed, then mine and I finally spread a blanket for her to lay on in case she threw up again. Thankfully she didn't throw up on that blanket. She's been carrying it around w/ her and having me spread it out so she can sit on it and she MUST have it spread out when she goes to sleep so she can lay on it. I didn't quite get why she was doing this. Since her throwing up night (which started w/ boughts of coughing) she has been talking about 'more coughs coming' and I finally figured out that she is associating the coughing to the throwing up. I'm sitting here getting a shipping label ready and the kids are playing in the living room. Lily has her little blanket spread out and Jason wants to sit by her on it and she said, "you aren't coughing"... poor thing. She must be carrying that thing around in case she barfs again! :(

It's been amazing me lately the things they say and remember, their imagination and own ideas. They are growing up so fast!

Tom's home from Taiwan today around 3pm and we can't wait!!


  1. When Jameson barfs, he always coughs before hand. I heard it's a thing they do.

    Poor girl. I hope she's feeling better!

  2. Poor baby... My Leah was sick with the stomach bug about a week ago. I do hope Lily is feeling better and that it didn't pass through the whole family.