Saturday, February 02, 2008

Weaning? And Willis

Gosh, I need to figure out how to change that picture in the header. I used a demo of Photoshop to make it when I was in Texas at my mom and dad's almost a YEAR ago. Oh how they have changed.

So I think they are starting to wean. Is it bad if I say I'm very excited about that. This a.m. they were focused on going down stairs to get their water cups so I don't even think I 'assumed the position' and this evening they wanted their cups again. Of course after offering numerous times and having them pop on and off a couple of times and closing up shop they were all about "MIIILLLKKKKIIIEEESSS", but the chance had passed and to bed they went. No milk today... NONE, ZERO, NADA. Not by my choice. Almost 20 months and this is the first milkie free day! HOORRAY! I feel great about getting this far and would be just fine w/ them being done. If they aren't done I'll be okay with that too.... I guess. :)

Willis isn't doing great. Her tumors are taking over and it appears she might have some internal bleeding. I'm calling the vet tomorrow to see if we might be able to get her in earlier than Wednesday. Her appetite is still good, but what dog wouldn't have a healthy appetite when offered bacon w/ their kibble. I know, I know, but come on she's on her way out... she can use a little spoiling. Her energy seems decent as well. Not what it used to be, but not what it was when this all started. We're back to giving her two pills a day (which is really one pill) at her doctors okay. We'll see if that has any effect on her tumors. So for (2 days) nothing.

We'll keep you posted!

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