Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Um... it's snowing.

Is it April or is someone lying to me!? Just wanted to let you know that it is April 11th and it's SNOWING outside... the high was around 44 yesterday... hmmm At least (hopefully) it won't stick around too long. I think the temps will be back up tomorrow and the snow will be melted and we can all move on w/ our lives and forget this ever happened. Hopefully the sun will stay and the temps will continue to rise on into the summer months w/ no more backslides into February weather!

Jason is trying more and more to stand on his own and is a walking champ w/ his walker. Some older boys (13months) were over yesterday showing off their walking skills... wait did I already mention this??? anyway Jaosn was watching them like a hawk. He'll walk pushing anything.. his table on the hardwood (how he gets it there??) the baby yard... whatever he can get his mits on.. the second shelf is now his favorite. He doesn't even mess w/ the first shelf ... it's SO last year!

Lily is still pretty content just crawling around and standing up at things... she's not real interested in walking at this point. We'll see how things change over time.

Babies call gotta go!

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  1. OMGoodness look at those babies now! I cannot get over how big they are getting!!