Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's good to be home...

We are HOME! It's in the 40s and that pretty much sucks, but it's good to be back. We had a great trip to Papa and Grandma's and had a nice relaxing day w/ Todd, Julie, Cooper and Anna yesterday. Jason and Lily did a great job on the trip, but they were ready to be done in the car. :) They are up to new tricks already. Jason is pulling up on the gate on his tippy tippy toes and acting like he wants to climb it... oy vey! I think he will be walking before I know it.

I'm working on uploading a bunch of photos... more to come.

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  1. Kelly9:25 PM

    Welcome back!!!!
    At least it's sort of spring-y. Though there's a possibility of snow Wed!!! auurrghh!

    Miss you,