Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Midwest Spring

Why can't I remember spring from last year? My turn to have a little hissy fit over the weather....

So i ran on Monday... wore light pants and a light shirt and felt overdressed.. this afternoon I wore heavy pants, a "warm" shirt, a jacket, a hat and gloves and FROZE MY ASS OFF! It's freakin' 26 degrees out!

I am thinking back to easters of my youth wearing dresses albeit w/ tights, but NO hats, NO gloves, NO freakin' ear muffs and down jackets.

It IS April, right? According to all of my sources it is April and NOT December.

Here I am left reassessing my definition of quality of life.. is it - as I have always felt - being able to afford to live in an urban area where I can walk to the store and a coffee shop or is it JUST being able to walk to WHEREVER (my mailbox or to the car) w/o freezing my butt off!!!!

Okay.. I'm done - for now - at least Tom enjoys his job (not something most can say) and we are blessed to live in an area we like (despite the weather). I'm going to sign off now and go have a piping hot cup of tea then a nice warm shower (provided the babies sleep long enough to do all that).


  1. Kelly5:37 PM

    I feel your pain. HELLO!!!! It's easter this weekend and the flippin' heat is on!
    I vote for warm definition of quality of life!!!!

    We'll get through it.

  2. Here here! What is the temp in Seattle today? Granted, it's cold there sometimes too, but it's usually not 80 one day and 25 the next day. Oh well, the grass is always greener. It's definitely greener today! Cold weather . . . go away!!!!

  3. Here comes the Seattle recruiting team...

    Today in Seattle, it will be 65 degrees. For the next two days, it will be 70 degrees. Then a couple of days of light rain.

    Just think...we could be meeting at Greenlake for coffee and a stroll around the lake. Remember how crowded Starbucks gets on those sunny spring days. I'm sure all of those daffodils on the east side of the lake are blooming and the cherry blossom tress that ring the northern part of the lake are insane right now!

    When are you moving back again? hee hee