Sunday, April 01, 2007

Our first trip to Urgent Care

Last night/this a.m. around 3;30am Lily woke up crying and was making this weird barking/coughing noise. I didn't think much of it at 3:30am and wasn't sure if it was her or Jason b/c it was dark in the room.. and well, it was 3:30am. I thought it might have been Jason snoring. Anyway... fast forward to the end of our car ride today. Lily was sick of being in her seat and started crying and started the barking/coughing thing again. I leaned over the top of her seat to check on her and it looked like she was having trouble breathing and she was wheezing a bit. After she calmed down she flashed me a big smile and seemed fine.... until she got up from her next nap. She started crying and when I got there she was doing the barking/wheezing thing again. We called the on call doc at her pediatrician's office and she said she was pretty sure she had croup from what she could hear over the phone and what I was telling her and that we should take Lily to Urgent Care and that she might need some Steroids.

We headed first I was just taking Lily then we thought it might be a good idea to take Jason too... so they could check him out if need be. Turns out the doc was right and Lily has croup. It's most likely Viral, but could be bacterial and is caused by the parainfluenza virus. There is inflammation of the wind pipe and upper air way which causes the barking.. you just have to wait it out, but can do steam rooms (bathroom w/ shower on), cold wet outdoor air or steroids to help ease the inflammation. They wanted to give her an injection there that is stronger and lasts 48 hours, but we opted for the oral steroid since her case - right now - seems somewhat mild. Of course tonight as we were getting ready for bed she started wheezing a lot.

Anyway... we are fine... she should be over it in the next 3 to 7 days. :)


  1. Katie8:49 AM

    Laura-- I'm so sorry you had that experience!! Gracelyn had croup when she was little and it started in the middle of the night too. It was one of the scariest things b/c you really don't know what it is. She literally sounded like a barking seal! But she got the antibiotics and got better just like your doctor said. I hope Lily feels better soon and you have a calmer day with less barking! At least you were home with your own doctors
    : ) Get better soon Lily!

  2. Geez! What's up with these Mount girls getting sick? That must have been so scary. My kids have never had it but I can just imagine - especially if they are wheezing. Not good! I really hope she gets better soon! Did they check Jason out too?

  3. Augh, glad everything's goign to be OK. It's scary seeing your child hurt and be sick. It rips you apart inside.
    Take good care of her.

  4. I hope she feels better soon! It must have been scary to go to Urgent Care. It's inevitable, but still scary for parents, i'm sure!