Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's been a fairly stressful couple of weeks.. and my mental state has been a contributor. Boo.

Then I see the above. Must remember!

When I get sad,
I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead.


Okay.. so it isn't true, but I want it to be. It really should be that simple.

Been trying to teach that to my kid... he has a hard time being awesome when he is being the OPPOSITE of awesome. God I see myself in that kid so much. Funny how they are like putting a mirror up to your face EVERY FREAKIN' day... a mirror that isn't always so flattering.

Thank you Jason for making me look reality in the face. Perhaps we can conquer this problem together and just practice being MORE AWESOME! Because who doesn't like some AWESOME.

Am I right?

True Story!

So go forth and be awesome my friends....

Two more weeks and I better start pulling some awesome out of the stratosphere! My joints are talking back a bit so in an effort to hit the start of the RAA I am taking the morning (and maybe the day) off running. Trying not to be twitchy about it, but we all know I am feeling some angst over it!


  1. What, being perfect isn't as easy as being awesome?

    Chin up LM. Sometimes it takes some honest (and unwelcome) self reflection to bring out the best in us. Eventually..

  2. You are awesome!!!! Give yourself permission not to push hard. You have been training and will be prepared for RAA:) I look forward to witnessing your awesomeness at the end of the trip.