Monday, March 05, 2012

Cool Stuff. I know YOU'LL like it!

We are Three weeks away from push off on our big run across the country so.....

I am presenting to you Three different items for RAFFLE. I will pull THREE different winners. So that increases your odds of winning SOMETHING three fold! (in case that was not obvious!)

(Edited to add: Exciting news.. we got another item so this takes us to FOUR opportunities to win!! Thank you SpiBelt!)

Edited AGAIN: Just got word from Leah at Sparkle skirts and they are donating a super fantastic and fun Sparkle Skirt to the party! Do not miss out! FIVE.. yes FIVE opportunities to win now!)

So here they are in no particular order!


The full line of SBR Sports products including Tri Swim (shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion) No more chlorine smell or scaly dry skin for you, TriSlide (used to make that wetsuit come of lickety split and prevent chaffing.. well ANYWHERE ... and you can share it with friends without feeling a bit to 'personal' and foggle (they are wipes you use on your goggles and they work like a charm)! Retail price: $79.80

Here is the review I posted after my first use of TriSwim:
"THIS STUFF WORKS! I can always smell the chlorine on me and feel the itch even the day after the workout. (wears off just in time for the next workout!) The shampoo, conditioner, bodywash and lotion all had a pleasant (not overwhelming) smell and they WORKED! Left my skin smooth and with no itch. I didn't smell the chlorine right after my shower, but knew that my husband "the nose" would be the true test. I stand next to someone eating garlic and I get accused of eating a whole raw bulb of it for lunch. NOT KIDDING! I put my hair in his face when I got home from the pool and he told me he couldn't smell ANY chlorine. Now that's amazing."


1BandIDprovides first responders with critical information if you’re unconscious orunable to speak and cannot communicate after an accident or injury.  Unlike bracelets or dogtags that you wear in addition to your training device, 1BandID is the firstand only wearable athlete ID that securely attaches and displays criticalcontact, medical information and motivation on the one thing you probably nevertrain without your watch, GPS or heart rate monitor…helping make ID unforgettable… helping to simplify your safety. Retail price: $19.99

My Review:
I contacted 1BandID after seeing a write up on my teammie Jill's blog Tribirdie Musings and told them all about what we are up to at Rev3 and Ulman and Joe - Mr. 1BandID - was all over it. He even sent me my OWN! Thanks Joe!!! He took it upon himself to right Team Rev3 up the side and I just think that's cool! It fits on my Garmin strap perfectly and I like only having to wear one band... and thus I don't forget the ID! :)

NUMBER 3 Powerbar

A variety of Powerbar products for your endurance pleasure... Retail value: $162.94 + shipping

Including the newly released KONA PUNCH gel: (box of 24 gels)
PowerBar Energy Gel is the first gel to provide the carbs and electrolytes of a high end sports drink, and contains 4 times the sodium of leading competitors.*

Lemon Energy Blasts: (box of 12 packages)
PowerBar Energy Blasts gel filled chews are a great choice for use before or during moderate and high-intensity exercise. They're formulated with PowerBar® C2MAX dual source energy blend, a 2:1 glucose to fructose blend found to deliver 20–50% more energy to muscles than glucose alone and improve endurance performance by 8%.*

Powerbar RESTORE:
RESTORE™ is a serious sports drink specially developed by the sports nutrition experts at PowerBar® designed to help you PUSH your limits.

Protein plus Chocolate Brownie bars (box of 12),
Recovery Cookies and Cream Caramle Crisp bars (box of 15) and
Triple Threat Chocolate Carmel Fusion bars (box of 15)!!!

NUMBER 4: SpiBelt

Sleek, expandable, secure and does not bounce. Can hold an iPod™, Blackberry™, cell, keys, up to five GU™ packs, and other small personal items. The SPIbelt does not bounce, ride or shift while running or doing other activities. Made in the USA Retail value: $19.95

I've got to be honest about this product. I got my SpiBelt in my race packet for the Austin Marathon in 2011 My first thought was that it was kinda dorky. Like the fanny pack of running. It rolled around in my closet for A YEAR! Then one day my arm band for my ipod/phone (music player of choice) kicked the bucket so I dug this thing out and thought "this'll have to do until I can get a new arm band".. and guess what ... I LOVE IT! I use it every time I run now to carry my phone or my ipod and I don't even know it's there. The other day I ran to the store (because I, like, have to run a lot and sometimes I just need to cram it in) and I carried my CC, Cash, phone, DL and a big wad of folded up paper I needed and it was perfect!

I will definitely be using this baby EVERY DAY of the 21 days I will be running .... starting in LESS THAN 3 weeks!

NUMBER 5: Sparkle Skirt

You could win the Sparkle TECH skirt of your choice! Their number ONE seller!

Straight for the Sparkle Skirt Site:
Train in fabulous comfort in your new SparkleTech skirts running skirt. We think you’ll agree with our product testers who say: “It’s the most comfortable running skirt I have ever worn!”
SparkleTech skirts are specially designed to address the most common needs of runners and walkers:
  • Shorts that stay put with no riding up (we guarantee it)
  • Lots of cargo space
  • Attractive shape that enhances all figure types
  • 3X-Large and 4X-Large available (by special order)
  • Stylish, curve-friendly skirt disguises pocket cargo and (ahem) figure flaws.

Leah's story is very sweet as is she. I am so excited to offer you this opportunity for an amazingly fun addition to your (or your lady friend's) running wardrobe! (not necessarily the skirt pictured.. there are many fun items to choose from on her site!)

 Here are the rules: (RULES UPDATE)

1) Make a $10 $5 donation to the Ulman Cancer Fund. Each $10  $5 donation is equivalent to one entry for the drawing. So, if you donate $30 you will get three entries to win. (If you already made a donation.. your raffle tickets will be adjust to reflect the change. ie if you donated $10 = to 1 raffle ticket... you just got an upgrade it now equals 2!)

2) After you donate leave a comment here saying that you did and I can check the database and enter you the appropriate amount of times. (Make sure you select my name: Laura Mount when you make your donation. It will come up AFTER you enter your info.)

3) For an extra entry Tweet or facebook about this give away. Make sure you mention me (@Marual) and I guess this means if you want to get credit for posting it on FB you'll have to friend me first. :) I'm down with that. I like friends. (Please come back here and post a comment stating that you tweeted/Facebooked it so I don't miss anyone.)

This giveaway begins today (March 5th) and will run for two weeks. Yes, the lucky winner will be drawn using a random number generator and announced on Monday March 19th around 4:30pm

Please pass this along as anyone is eligible to enter!


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Laura- you're spearheading a great event for cause. Awesome work. I'm happy to contribute both to the cause and my chance at restocking my TriSwim collection. Love them both! Amy S.

  2. Great prizes! Love my 1BandID =)

  3. Thanks Amy!!! And Heidi!! :)

  4. Yep... thank you, I think my last comment went to the wrong place!! (Feel free to delete that one - LOL) I have donated, and shared the link.

  5. Yep... thank you, I think my last comment went to the wrong place!! (Feel free to delete that one - LOL) I have donated, and shared the link.

  6. I seem to be having trouble commenting! (Think I may have posted in the wrong place) Made my donation, shared your link - thank you! If I'm gonna make donations, it's awesome to possibly win something too! Thank you :o)

  7. Donated! Wish I could give more. Thanks for doing this!

  8. LOVE Ulman Cancer Fund, LOVE Rev3 and LOOOOVE you! Wish I could donate more but I know every little bit helps. I'll spread the word for you!

  9. Sarah goldie9:31 AM

    I figured it out lol I donated!

  10. I donated $10:) (more)

  11. Nic.. you rock! :) I know you want the PB stuff. ha ha :)

  12. Erin Serrault4:31 PM

    Just donated again : ) This time $20. So excited for your adventure and can't wait to hear all about it!! Good luck!!!