Thursday, March 08, 2012

Is your mind going in a million different directions?

Or is it just  me!?

Training is going well. I run.. and then I run some more. I changed things up a while ago. I went from following an arbitrary plan that I had pieced together to trying (arbitrarily) to just increase my runs 1 mile a day each week. That is going okay. I am at 12 miles a day this week and so far I've run: Monday: 8 miles, Tues off, Wed 8 miles and have planned two 6 mile runs today. Some days I don't hit that mileage either because life got in the way or I taught a spin class or .. well my legs said, "nope, not today". I am trying NOT TO stress over it.

I find myself becoming addicted to the running. I took a rest day (like ZERO) running the other day and it nearly killed me. Mostly mentally. That day was a bit of a cluster. The running clears my head.

And would you believe that the next day when I ran I had more aches and pains than I had been having. Weird.

I'm finding myself in that 'gotta get the miles' in head space that I know is not exactly the right place to be. Recovery? What is that? How does that fit into RUNNING ACROSS THE FREAKIN' country? There is no recovery! In addition to that our house is on the market... we accepted an offer ... were going to have to MOVE BEFORE I left for the run. Then we hit some road blocks in the process and I had to stop the forward motion on the move. This sent me over the edge for some reason.

I feel I'm getting back on track mentally, but I took a pretty big hit. STRESS... what stress?

This all said I am SHOCKED at how well my body has acclimated to all the running. I'm certainly not going out there and killing it. I am taking my time on (most of) my runs. Enjoying the process and the scenery. I even quit taking my Garmin with me so I couldn't obsess about the pace and how slow I was going. This is a different gig. And I gotta say I feel pretty good. I definitely feel like I'm doing something.. I'm tired.. I can feel up walking up stairs, but I am not trashed like I expected to be at this point. Well physically anyway!

Tonight I'm having a 'going away' party (even though I have GULP a little over two weeks until I leave) at a local pizza joint and they are donating a portion of the proceeds to Ulman. I'm also doing a raffle there with some art work from my Uncle's stash and some local businesses. I'm excited and hope that it is successful. I will get to meet a lot of local families that I usually only speak to over Facebook.. how pathetic is that?

And don't forget about the RAFFLE going on right here in blogland for all of you to participate in! I have added TWO items since my original posting - I even DISCOUNTED the raffle price - and would really appreciate your participation and sharing on your blogs, Facebook and Twitter! THANK YOU! We have a ways to go on the fundraising front (at about $21k of our $100k goal) and could use your support!


  1. You are a rock star! So cool that everything is falling into place for you. Can't wait to hear all about it once you get underway!

  2. Glad you stopped wearing the garmin. It IS a different gig, and you have to treat it with a totally different mindset for sure!