Monday, January 03, 2011

2010 wasn't exactly EPIC.

I'm not sure if it's the start of November and Tom being out of town then the sickies or what, but I've just been in a total funk lately. Happy freakin' holidays eh? As I look back at year end for the past couple of years I'm starting to think that this time of year is just a kind of normal lull for me. I should just accept it and not fight it so much. We aren't really ones to pack a lot of stuff in over the holidays so I don't think it's holiday stress or anything like that. It's probably more about a lack of schedule... things are crazy and I'm with kids a lot more.

I normally enter the new year rejuvenated and excited by the perceived clean slate. I know that Jan 1st is really just another day, but I love the energy that people bring to a new year. I love the feeling of being able to look back on the previous year and then leave it behind and move on to the new year. I'm trying to reflect on 2010, but coming up empty handed... or minded. I looked back at some of my old posts and noticed that in my last post of 2009 I said that 2010 was going to be Epic. While 2010 was 'fine' I certainly would not classify it as 'EPIC'. I've seen a lot of blog posts of people doing pictures through the year. I loved this idea and felt I needed it to reflect on the things I have accomplished this year..... so here goes!

2010 in photos:

Miami Marathon. A near Boston, but not quite. A fabulous PR and a WONDERFUL weekend with friends that I won't soon forget.

Danbury Half. Though I feel it is barely worth mentioning .. it was LESS than epic. But I got out there regardless of the fact that I wasn't really 'feeling' it!

P90X. I vowed to start a strength training program and stick to it. I purchased P90X, took some time off running b/c I was burnt out and lifted some weights. I'm not sure I got the exact results I wanted, but I put on some muscle that's for sure. Now I definitely love the weights... but am back to more S,B,R and less weights. For now. I'll get it to all come together.

The Northface Challenge. I actually listened to my body and mind and went from the half to the 10k. I'm glad I changed. I enjoyed the run... while I think I would have hated it had I almost doubled the distance. The drive out and wait to start were less than ideal (though they would have been better if I had had some friends along for the ride), but all in all I'm glad I did the race. Will it be on the schedule in 2011? Nope.

Trip to Seattle. We made a much overdue trip to Seattle and the sense of relief/home that we both felt as we drove into that city was palpable. A reaffirmation of where we feel we 'belong' was good. Seeing family and friends was the icing on the cake!

Pat Griskus Tri. I got back to it. First tri in over a year and it felt good to be back in the game. Despite some racing mistakes! (no wetsuit.. really? What was I thinking?) The finish was great fun though. A little throw down with another athlete. Complete with big smiles and pats on the back.

Danbury HV Tri. Sweet... got TWO races in. ha And brought along a newbie to do her first tri. Swim still sucked, but I managed a first place in my age group. Don't ask how many people were in my AG. I don't know the actual number, but I know it wasn't a lot.

John Hirsch. I hired a coach. Wowza! This better help w/ the AWESOME factor for 2011. I don't want to be sitting here on Jan 1st 2012 saying, "I said 2011 was going to be AWESOME, but it just wasn't!" No pressure COACH!!! I know it's on ME to make it AWESOME!

Spinning. I got a jump start on goals for 2011 and put my spinning cert to use and actually got a JOB (well can I really call it a job... I haven't had one in so long that I'm not sure.)

Trakkers. Okay the close of the year (despite my funk) was pretty EPIC. I had applied to Team Trakkers and found out in early December that I was ON THE TEAM! I'm guessing this will help with the Awesome factor of 2011.

I'm psyched that it's the new year! Since I love it, but I'm still working through what the year is going to look like. I know what I'm doing for races I will be AT, but am not 100% on the distances I will be racing... which really isn't a big deal since I'm focused on Marathon training right now. A 2011 post is forthcoming... working out the details yet.

Happy 2011 to all my bloggy friends. I'm sorry I've been absent. What are you up to in 2011? What's your NUMBER ONE goal this year?


  1. 2011 will have a lot of awesome!

  2. Looks pretty darn epic to me! Don't ya wish we had like 30hrs in a day so we could do P90X and s/b/r and have enough time to recover?

  3. Sounds like a pretty great year Laura! :)

    And you totally aren't alone in the funk department. I ALWAYS get in one during December - must be the cold weather or something. Who knows...

    Cheers to a great 2011. Can't wait to meet you!

  4. I am also excited to have a coach this season. I don't know about you, but I am already seeing improvements—little gains—and I constantly have someone in my ear telling me to be patient and go slow. Unless, the instructions for the race that day are to "go balls out!"

    Being on the Trakkers team is pretty epic for sure. What a great start to the new year teammate!

  5. I think the winter funk is pretty much across the board for those who live in the northeast. Every year I say I'm going to be happy through the holidays and every year it just doesn't seem to happy. It's not that I'm "unhappy", it's more that I kind of feel like I'm dragging a mental anchor around with me. I follow a couple of triathlon blogs and unless you are some pro living in California or Hawaii, the funk seems to be pretty pervasive from what I can tell. The good thing about hanging with triathletes is that the ramp up of training for swim/bike/run naturally allows that fog to lift over the next few weeks.

  6. I'm excited for your imminent epic-ness!! Looking forward to seeing you in Quassy!!

  7. Looked like a pretty sweet year to me. Congrats on the Trakkers gig - enjoy your 2011!

  8. Just think of 2010 as your build up year, and 2011 as your peak year. :-) (I mean, until you decide to peak again). Also, remember that you are awesome and still do more than 90% of Americans! I don't know if this year will be epic - but I do have a trainer now, so now I have goals that I never had before. 2011, Bring It!

  9. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments!!! :) 2011 is here whether I'm ready or not.... so let's roll!

  10. Number one goal this year is to complete all my races. That HIM is still iffy, but I'd really like to do one. I'm so excited for you and this coming year with Trakkers and all. Can't wait to follow it all on your bloggie

  11. 2011 will be all sorts of awesome!! Looks like a great 2010! Can't wait to see you at Quassy!

  12. I love "picture" recaps, and yours looked pretty dang EPIC to me!

    You'll have to do a post about that huge tattoo! Or those monster guns you've got. Dayum!

  13. Your finish pic from Pat Griskus Tri is awesome! Congrats on what looked like a fun year. I'm a newbie here on the Trakkers team as well and I'm excited for an Epic year of sharing my fun adventures with great friends!