Monday, June 28, 2010

Vegan or non-Vegan

As many of you know I spent a few years as a vegan... a raw vegan. And of late have been suffering w/ some 'issues'... fatigue and digestion related. It's kept me from racing for over a year now and I feel better, but I continue to struggle and try to figure it all out. I just stumbled upon Devon Crosby Helms' blog and particularly THIS post. I thought it was a great post and was so happy to hear that someone else had struggled with the mental aspects of changing your diet back from the vegan thing. As I've worked to add protein back into my diet I have stressed about everything that I put in my mouth. I really enjoyed this post and thought some of my other nutritionally minded folks might enjoy her site.

I tend to feel that nutrition is highly individual. While some may really thrive on a vegan diet others may not. I definitely agree w/ Devon's sentiments about the relationship w/ food being destroyed (for me personally) and not really staying in tune w/ your body as a result of stressing so much about what is (or isn't) going into your body. I distinctly remember feeling like I could eat a whole chicken during a vegan diet and ignoring my body's signals. My body was SCREAMING for protein and I ignored it. NOT GOOD!

Anyway.. I certainly don't have the answers... not for you and not entirely for myself, but I'm working on it!

In other news I registered for another sprint triathlon.... in a week and a half!!!! The Pat Griskus Sprint... it's hilly and I am sure the swim will be a challenge (when isn't it for me?) It's in the evening so I couldn't pass it up!

Was just cruising through her blog again and found THIS post that I also enjoyed.


  1. Dude, I totally know what you are talking about. I have been a vegetarian for forever! And vegan for some of it, and now I eat fish, and cheese and eggs, but not a lot. When I was pregnant with Riley I craved salami of all things (my ND said it was craving for fat, salt and protein) things my body wasn't getting enough of. But I hid it and was ashamed that I was actually eating it. Because everyone knew I was a vegetarian, and what would they think if they saw me eating salami of all things??? I totally struggle with what I think I should be eating, and how people view me, and what will they think if I eat ground turkey in my marinara sauce (OMG it's a steak next!) but that doesn't mean that I want that all the time! Or will eat any meat that is put in front of me (I wont) but sometimes I will take a bite. Does that mean I am not a vegetarian? I cling to that label though, because I really DONT want to or like to eat much, if any meat. I have actually been making a better effort to eat more protein because I am sure that I haven't been getting enough in my veg diet (I don't eat a lot of cheese, yogurt, meat - obviously) so I have been incorporating greek yogurt, more tofu, and (gasp) sometimes meat.
    I think we do get caught up in our labels and what they say about us (or what we think they say about us) and it's hard to break free.
    Nice post and also liked the post you linked to. Glad I am not the only one who struggles with this!

    Plus geez - all the reading and research we have done on the subject. It's enough to make us crazy and second guess everything we put in our mouths. I mean according to T. Colin Campbell anything more than 10% animal protein and we are dying of cancer! But you have Weston Price and paleo that are completely opposite. Who is right???
    sorry for the long rant!

  2. hi there!
    this is a GREAT topic and post! I asked my Nutritionist to field qts from bloggyland, and I believe one of them is about the benefits/non of vegan eating.

    happy 4th wknd!!