Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4 Years OLD!!!

I feel like I should be saying something along the lines of "Oh MY God my babies are 4 years old!!", but I feel like they should be four. Every other years birthday has seemed to sneak up on me w/ thoughts like above, but this year it feels due time for them to turn 4. Was this year longer than others? Not sure why I feel this way. I'm not sure if it was the trials and tribulations of THREE or if it is their level of development, but we are here and it feels about right.

I LOVE this photo of them running w/ the dog.

I really feel like I should have lots of things to say about this milestone, but I just don't. Birthdays have never been huge in my life.. They just are! We had a special breakfast date just the kids and me after some small gifts on their actual birthday, they celebrated at school and we got to do some shopping w/ some cash they received then the day after their birthday Papa and Grandma Mills rolled into town and we went swimming and to a special dinner to celebrate further. All good times. We will have a small party here at the house .. where Tom and I are going to have to pull a princess cake and a tank cake out of the ether. :) So we are definitely celebrating for them, but I'm not feeling deeply moved or emotional about the 4th birthday.

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