Friday, October 10, 2008

My little helper

I have yet to get a photo ... b/c I'm busy referreeing ... Jason loves to help me in the kitchen. Last night we made chocolate chip cookies and this a.m. we made lemon thumbprint cookies. These are more test recipes from Feeding the Whole Family (I can't say enough about how wonderful this book is. Make sure you get the revised addtion!! I didn't even realize that I had the original one already when I checked this one out of the library until someone called it to my attention)... so far so good! This a.m. we used our left over nut meal in the Lemon Thumbprint cookies and they are YUMMY! They remind me of the holidays b/c my mom always made thumbprint cookies at Christmas time. I'm already imagining making all of these wonderful cookies this winter w/ the kiddos.

I'll work on getting a photo of J in the kitchen w/ me. So far Lily isn't too interested.

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  1. So fun! The sweet squash muffins are really good too. Riley likes to help in the kitchen, Liam, not so much unless we are making cookies. And they can't help at the same time because there isn't enough room and the FIGHT over who gets to put what in, who gets to stir, who is hogging the stool, etc.