Saturday, October 04, 2008

and the beat goes on...

Fall is HERE.. winter is COMING and I want to cry! I love love love this weather, but just thinking about the winter kinda makes me want to hurl. I have a little internal panic attack every time I even allow myself to think for just a second about 4 degree temps w/a -20 wind chill factor. I remember my hands nearly freezing having to expose them to buckle the kids into their chairs.. and now they like 'wander' when we go to the car... hopefully they won't cry when I make them go to the car and they will be all business about it!! ANYWAY!

Jason fell and had an 'owie' and needed to have a bandaid.. he showed me just where to put it:

Jason and Tom don't look anything alike huh?

Our friends the O'Donnell's needed some emergency baby sitting this evening so Sean, Ian and Jacob came over for a few hours. They all played in the yard until dinner was ready, played in the yard some more and then watched a bit of The Incredibles, but surprisingly (or not so surprisingly the only ones that were that interested in the movie were Lily and Tom). It went MUCH better than I thought it would. Really I envisioned 5 kids running around screaming at the tops of their lungs while Tom and I stood their stunned! ha ha The kids all played well and Jason seemed pretty stoked to have some older boys around to play with! :) Dinner was much tamer than I expected to. The kids all stayed in their chairs and ate and the O'Donnell boys even asked to be excused... wow, is that what 5 and 3 years old is like!

Some people have this many kids on their own.. I can't even imagine... two's good!


  1. I'm glad it went so well babysitting. Tom does look worn out in the picture, though!

  2. Kelly6:11 PM

    poor lily! That's a lot of boys to have to play with!