Wednesday, July 02, 2008

This is what happens....

when you don't take a nap for days and days and days....


The kids spent their nap screwing around in their room again today... despite the fact that the only things left in their room are two cribs... I had even removed the pillows, books and blankets. We were/are trying the you have to stay in your beds or we come in and take X. They could care less. The last time I went in this afternoon I told Lily that if I had to come in again I was going to take away her pappies... she immediately said, "here" and handed them too me. :( Guess we have to find another way. I decided after I blew a gasket today that it just didn't matter at this point in the game b/c I will be heading out tomorrow and everything is going to be all messed up anyway.

Both kids are clearly exhausted from playing through naps (even before we moved to big kid beds.. this started, oh, around the time the bobcat appeared in our yard) and staying up late chatting about the excitement of the day. Yesterday around 3pm we were in the car not 10 mins and Jason was OUT! Lily took a bit longer, but fell asleep as well. Today the bobcat was back in action. Jason had had his ride and the neighbor kid was getting a ride. Jason got mad b/c "Leo was riding in JASON'S bobcat" so mom was holding him... RIGHT BY THE BOBCAT (think LOUD) and he fell asleep.... Mom was even able to bring him in and lay him down to sleep on the couch w/o him waking up.

It took him almost 45 mins to wake up after Lily "lovingly" smashed a dinosaur into his head after a more gentle approach didn't cause him to stir.

All is packed and ready to go for the trip to Seattle and hopefully my bike is or will be at Greg's by the end of the day tomorrow. :) I'm as ready as I'm going to be for this race... I will either really enjoy it or suffer through it.

Keep your fingers crossed for a somewhat easy trip to Seattle... I'm HOPING Jason sleeps for me on the plain.. it's either that or he will be a whining mess! I did buy a portable DVD player today so we can watch Shrek on the way out!

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