Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Some pics

Sorry to be so MIA lately... times are changing.. babies are getting Busier.. (if you can believe it)... and the last two days they have decided that napping is not a cool thing to do. They took a whopping - maybe - 30 mins total yesterday. I put them down twice and both times they talked/whined/screamed through both. I think there might have been about 30 mins of sleeping around 2:45pm yesterday... so far today they are doing a repeat performance. AH! Please tell me other people when through this and their kids went back to napping eventually... this is just a 'transition' phase right?

Bye bye daddy!
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Babies first race photo (that's my sports bra she's wearing)
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And you really can get into more trouble when you have a partner in crime!!
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Having fun and enjoying our prolonged summer/fall! :) Gotta run babies up and it's time for lunch then we are off to the gym. I'll let someone else deal w/ these non-nappers for a bit. That said they really haven't been too bad considering. Right now they are upstairs cracking each other up! :) Love the sounds of baby laughter.. oh and crib shaking. Gotta go! :)

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  1. Oh, yes! We went through this for a couple weeks up until about 3 days ago. I don't know what happened, he just wouldn't sleep anymore! But now he's just finishing a 2-hour morning nap. I think he's scaling back his naptime though, because I'll bet his afternoon nap will be a shorty. I feel for ya!

    (I like the sound of jumping babies in cribs. So funny!)