Monday, October 15, 2007

New night time routine!

Here's a new game the kids like to play before bed... get those last sillies out! :)

and they really like to play it w/ Papa:

I added some more photos to the photo album.


  1. Oh, so cute! Your dad is so cute with them! You must love it that he can be there so often to develop that kind of relationship with them. :)

  2. Okay, I'm suddenly jealous of you having twins! They grow up having a best friend. I would love to see my son playing so closely with someone just his age. Soooo cute! PS - my son loves watching your videos. I set him on my lap to see whenever you post a new one!

  3. Diane.. it is SO fun to watch them chase and play... and even when the fight I feel like they are so lucky to have one another. It's the cutest when Jason goes and gives Lily a big hug.. even though he usually ends up knocking her over and it kind of pisses her off. :) Not to mention the fact that he does this to everyone ... not just his sister. Or sometimes if Lily is in the other room and Jason suddenly realizes she isn't there he'll say, "Lily?" They really do love each other.

  4. Kelly5:59 PM

    Oh, Wow, Laura! I just saw these... they're fantastic. I can't believe how much more developed they are than when I saw them this Summer. You have got your hand full, huh? They are so cute.
    Miss ya!