Thursday, July 12, 2007

My new hero...

I'm surfing the net when I really should be cleaning (babies napping) or maybe I should nap too! ha

Anyway.. this lady - mom (to twins and a son), coach and elite triathlite is my new hero! I can't imagine how she gets all this stuff done. Can you say HIGH FUNCTIONING!? While I have no aspirations to be "pro" (haha just makes me laugh) I think what she does is pretty amazing.

HERE's a bio on Heather Gollnick.

This mornings swim was windy/choppy - good practice for LAKE MICHIGAN! I'm happy to have that under my belt. It certainly wasn't an AWESOME swim, but it was acceptable. Awesome would be if I could actually swim freestyle the WHOLE way.. not quite, but I'll get there. The good news is that we are supposed to get our wet suits this weekend and I should be able to give it a test run on Sunday.

We have our second brick workout (when you do two sports in one session) on Saturday. We'll be doing a 2 hour ride then a 30 minute run. :) This will be the first non-swimming workout I get to do w/ my other team mate so that should be fun. Maybe I'll kick his ass on the bike (doubt it) since he always kicks mine on the swim. :) Then next Saturday is the sprint tri. I'll be sure to report back!


  1. You're awesome! I can't believe you are doing all this! You're MY hero!! :)

  2. Sounds fun! Keep it up! :)