Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Man they test me but,

then they do this....

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And here's another cute video of Jason and Lily 'sharing'... HA!

We had a REALLY long afternoon today... lots of whining. I've created little monsters. They want to go outside ALL THE TIME!!!! And when I'm by myself that is really difficult. I've got to get our yard in a condition where I can take them out to explore safely!!!! De-poopified basically.... not sure how I'm going to figure that out.

This Saturday is my FIRST triathlon. Saying I'm nervous would be an understatement.. when I get the opportunity to think about it. I had a crappy run this a.m... eek! I'm still trying to figure out when I'm going to get a chance to get in the water again before this thing ... in my straight jacket - I mean wetsuit! I've also heard that Lake Michigan is a BALMY 55 degrees. My friend's friend did a tri in the lake last weekend and said her face is a nice shade of red similar to wind burn from the CHILL of the water. GRRREAT! Way to add insult to injury..... I'll be sure to photograph that awesome look I'll be sporting... should look pretty nice w/ my sweet tan lines!

Okay.. off to have some ice cream while I try to ignore the tornado that went through my house today.. I SHOULD clean it all up before I go to bed tonight, but I think there is a pretty good chance that won't be happening!


  1. 55 degrees? Thats as good as snowing to a Floridian. I'm sure you'll do fine, and have a great time as well. Best of luck!


  2. fatboy.. how did you do that? You must know that I was just on your site ... saw you from BT forums... is my link on the forums.. I didn't think it was... WEIRD!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks for the confidence.. I"m going to try to just have fun w/ it.. but I get easily frustrated.. ha Maybe the cold lake will just make me go numb! ha

  3. That kissing picture is so sweet! I love those open mouth baby kisses. They are the best : ) Good luck on your triathalon! I thought it was this past weekend-- oops!I can't imagine swimming in Lake Michigan. Wow!

  4. That video is friggin hilarious! I laughed so hard when Jason came back to take over the car!

    Good luck on the triathalon! BRRRR!!

  5. My son loved the video of your kids! Of course, they're about the same age, so great fun for him. As for the lake, I guess your side is colder than mine - I swam in it on Sunday, and it was so nice! (If you learn how to "de-poopify" your lawn, let me know. Two mini dachshunds do their dirty work here.)