Sunday, March 12, 2006

3/12/06 23 weeks 3 days

I made my first baby purchase!!!

I guess I've finally started to feel like this is really happening.. strange to say w/ my large belly! ha ha

I have been looking into clothe diapering - it's an overwhelming topic to say the least!!! I found a great little store here in Madison called Happy Bambino - - they have wonderful FREE classes!!! Today I attended Cloth Diapering 101 and the Art of Babywearing! The clothe diapering class really helped to cut through all the enormous amounts of information and gave me a pretty good idea of what I needed to get started and what I would need to do to care for the diapers. I'm really interested in this for a lot of reasons namely (and not necessarily in order of importance) cost, environment and toxins on my babies skin. It will certainly be an adjustment / learning curve to get in the swing of things w/ this as it will be more high maintanence than disposable diapering, but I am determined to make it work. This is not to say that I don't plan to have a stash of newborn disposables on hand in the beginning in case things get overwhelming here and there. Thankfully I will have help for the first three months.. thanks mom and dad -- Dad.. you choose - change diapers or wash them.. ha ha :)

So I took the plunge! I bought the little store out of prefold diapers!!! They are going to call me when their next shipment comes in (soon) to purchase the last bunch I need. I'll be using prefolds and covers in the beginning.. there are many MUCH cuter and MUCH more expensive options, but this will get me going! :) I'm washing the diapers right now so I am committed.. there is no turning back.

I know this will be what is best for my baby and best for the environment.. not to mention our pocket book. I THINK I discussed this with Tom already.. uh, but I'm not sure! ha ha Hopefully he will agree w/ me that the added hassle getting used to it in the beginning is worth it!

Here are some links to clothe diapering website if you feel so inclined. You will not be tested and few of you will ever even change the diapers yourself. :)

Cotton Babies
Diaper Pages
Natural Babies

I also bought (well had to order) a baby pouch! It's from Kangaroo Korner. It's a fleece pouch - yes I realize my babies are due in July... the fleece holds up better to weight and resists stretching.. in the beginning we will be spending most of our time in climate controlled areas. The lady at the store said that her experience has been that these are better for twins. When they get older I may invest in a ring sling to carry them individually, but this will get me started!

I also purchased some used baby clothes at about $2 to $2.50 each - SCORE!!

All told I'm very excited about my purchases .. 1) because it's fun and 2) because that means I'm obviously feeling the reality behind this.. FINALLY!

I've also got some stuff that I borrowed from friends - most of it from Mrs. Julie Sweet (thanks Sweet's). I borrowed a co-sleeper, 2 boppys, a bjorne, many maternity clothes, a changing pad, books and a baby einstein play mat. So I've got some stuff. :) Karen is also sending me her two car seats (a HUGE savings) and some other odds and ends she has around the house. (Thank you!!!)

My mom is going to come out to Madison after I return from Seattle and my shower. I will then know what I need to go out to buy myself to be ready for these babies! We are getting closer! By the time mom leaves I hope to have things mostly if not all set up and ready to go so that I can sit back and cook some babies! By that point I will be almost 28 weeks and will - I imagine - be pretty big and not too mobile. I will be in the home stretch and my main job/concern will be to keep these rascals in as long as I possibly can... every day counts!

I'm very excited about my trip to Seatlle so that I can see everyone and so that all those that helped us through the process to get where we are today can see my big belly - and maybe a few baby kicks - to share in the joy that we are feeling! Thank you all so much for the shower... it means a lot to us!

No pictures right now - Tom is in Taiwan and will be meeting me in Seattle - so I haven't taken any. I will update the photo album after my return from Seattle. I have an OB appt tomorrow and another ultrasound on Tuesday.. I will try to get some new photos of them in the album.

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