Monday, March 13, 2006

3/13/06 23 weeks 4 days

My OB appt went as they usually do.. nothing alarming! :) I've officially gained 30 lbs! Oh my GOODNESS!!! The good news is I don't feel like I've gained 30lbs! I'm at 174 now! I'm measuring at about 30 weeks (comparison to if I was carrying only one - not sure why they do this) My heartrate was normal (for me, for pregnancy) and the babies heartrates sounded good.. baby boy was 156 and baby girl was 152.

So all is well. I start going every two weeks now and in four weeks I have to do the gestational diabetes test.. Blechk. I've heard nasty things about that test... tastes bad, have to fast and get light headed and nauseous.. sounds like fun! haha Hopefully I will pass and won't have to do the three hour test!

I'll update tomorrow after my ultrasound as to baby stats! :)

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