Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Feel like I have my life back!

I'm feeling so good.. yippee for 2005. I really feel like "i'm back" that's all I could think last night while I was running. So far I'm keeping up decently well with things that I've wanted to change in my life... like my attitude and my ASS! ha ha ha I've been sticking to my running schedule pretty well - I'm committed to running the Mercer Island half marathon on March 20th and am busy recruiting runners for the Mt. Si relay on April 17th. If I get pregnant ... great... I can still run. I've got to do this for my sanity. It's nice to have things to look forward to other than MAYBE being pregnant!

I've started to notice the beauty surrounding me here in Seattle as well and am trying to convince my husband that we should try not turning on the TV every night. I think at first we would feel strapped for something to do/talk about, but we would figure it out. I was recently inspired by a friend's story of her to be brother in law and his wife.. they have bicycle trainers in their living room instead of a couched. I mentioned this to my hubby last night and he told me he used to do that when he was watching tv... hmm we have a trainer and some rollers -- maybe we should consider this - we could still watch CSI and limit our tv time to when we are both on the bikes! I so want to be more active! :) And active together would be great! Maybe eventually I would be willing to take the show on the road and do road rides with him in the Spring.. then I would feel like I MIGHT be able to keep up! ;) See who needs babies when there is so much to do out there!

I made a new collage last weekend -- I had one last year that I kept in our office at home - it was to outline the things that I wanted to accomplish in 2004. Funny thing is that I RARELY go in the office at home so I never looked at it.. some inspiration huh? So this year's collage is on my desk at work right by my computer where I can see it! :)

Things represented on my collage - motherhood, heathly eating, mercer island half marathon and running, simplicity, chill out, revitalize, less is more, energy, renewal, something bigger than myself, "The thing that God wants to do in you while you wait is at least as important as the thing for which you wait" - Ben Patterson. What does all of this mean? I want to experience my life instead of just floating through. I want to open my eyes again and stop focusing so much on trying to get pregnant and the things that I can't do and more on the things that I CAN do. I am alive, I am healthy (for the most part and improving every day), I have the ability to do everything I want to do.. I just need to do it! God is there.. he is handling all the behind the scenes stuff and he can't live my life for me... I have to do that on my own!

Watch out world.. Laura is back in the game!!!

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