Friday, May 04, 2012

Rev3 Knoxville

As Rev3 Knoxville approaches I'm having flashbacks to my first time working with Rev3 .. well I volunteered there because I was injured and couldn't race.

This was a huge turning point for me!

New finish line looks amazing. Thanks Nick Donovan for the photo!
I am stalking the progress of race set up on Facebook and texting the crew like a mad woman. So wish I could be down there working my butt off! They are kicking ass as usual and are ready to put on yet another top notch event! Amazing beyond words!

Last year was my first time meeting everyone (though very briefly) and doing some of the work as a volunteer. I didn't truly meet and get to know everyone and REALLY work until Quassy in June, but I got a touch of the energy and how everyone works together and I just KNEW that being on this team was going to be AMAZING!

I got to meet Kier and drive 10 hours each way with her and we got along great. I met many other team mates and was able to cheer them to the finish!!

I know that I didn't fully grasp what I had gotten myself into, but I could feel that it was going to be good!

I mean look at this.. they are WORKING while remembering to have moments of fun. Who are we kidding.. putting on a triathlon is HARD WORK, but it's fun too! Lucky bastards!

THE Chris Jarc and THE Krista Baker keeping it real. Thanks again Nick for the photo!
So I enter into the 2012 season so excited and ready to carry forward the amazing energy from the Run Across America, to race with heart and to work my ass off ... while keeping it real.

Best of luck to everyone WORKING and RACING at Knoxville.. I'll be keeping an eye on ALL of you from way up here in CT!!!

And check out our SWEET new kits. LOVE them! (but to the girls.. don't forget your sports bra.. seriously!)

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