Friday, February 17, 2012

Up for the challenge?

What's the point of having a team without some smack talk and random challenges. (I may or may not have instigated this myself.)

I received this beauty in the mail today. So many team mates are reporting amazing things happening with these suits... merciless comments on it's awesomeness and speed demon powers in the pool.. so why shouldn't it earn some coin for the Ulman Cancer Fund?

Get yours HERE!!!
So as you may have heard I am training to run across the FREAKIN Country w/ these crazies and we are doing it TO RAISE FUNDS for the Ulman Cancer Fund.. yea, I'm pretty sure you heard!

So I made some snarky comment about "how much would you donate if I put this thing on and take a photo and blast it all over the place" and I believe I said "ala Mr. Wiggle"...

Meet Mr. Wiggle (see I am giving you a freebie on this one!)

Tim Andrus of Team Rev3 - he is HYSTERICAL
You can go HERE to see it all unfold on Team Facebook page.. .PLEASE, Please go there! For the love of God and all things HOLY let someone NOT on my team comment on this silliness. PLEASE! Comment, DONATE!!!!!!!.. (any $$ amount.. every penny counts)...

The more money that is donated the BETTER the pic will be.. we just upgraded from the iPhone photo to busting out the real camera. If you want me to get creative you best drop some coin. Just sayin'

Running is going well... now it's time to kick it up a knotch on the RAISING of FUNDS! Expect to see a nice little RAFFLE, er, Fundraiser up in here. Fun stuff to win. check back!


  1. That picture is priceless! It is a great suit. Off to check on the FB page (thinking I'm already a fan, but just in case...)

  2. Gotta love it when all our wiggle jokes turn into something actually productive for a good cause.