Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shocking realization

So we went to dinner last night... Dad wanted to walk at the mall so we went to Uno's Pizzeria. Granted this is not a place I would normally go ... and Tom certainly wouldn't be excited about it, but it was convenient and air conditioned. (A bit OVER air conditioned, but anyway).

As I was looking at the menu I saw that only two entrees had the nutrition info so that got me curious. I got the handy dandy iPhone out and looked up the nutrition info for the rest of the menu.

I was shocked to discover that all the seafood dishes had WAY MORE fat and calories than both the 8 and 10oz sirloin dishes. Fat AND SATURATED fat. I did a bit more digging b/c I know that the fish itself shouldn't be so damn fatty. My discovery is that chain type placed like this put all sorts of CRAPPY (read trans fat) sauces on their fish dishes and the meat is only meat and some salt. (Barring any sauces that could, I guess, be added to meat dishes as well.) Now I know there are even more issues that crop up w/ the whole meat thing.. like where did it come from, what was it fed... so forth and so on, but really!!!! Next time I'm going for the sirloin man! No sketchy fat (bad fat) laden sauces to just outright RUIN the highly nutritious meal I thought I was having.

Anyway... I know I should have known this to be true... and I'm hopeful that at smaller (read not chains) restaurants they are still using good ol' fashioned butter and lemon not some prepackaged manufactured mystery sauce!


  1. do you think you'll ever go back to raw vegan?

  2. i still eat a high raw diet (lots of raw fruits and veggies w/ my meat and eggs), but won't ever be raw vegan again... i don't think. I always reserve the right to change my mind. Omnivorism is treating me pretty well right now!

  3. Hi there!
    very cool that you could actually lookk up the nutrition info on your iphone. that's a cool idea. What app is it?