Thursday, July 08, 2010

Results are in...

So it's official I was 3rd in my age group. Who says you don't lose a triathlon in the swim. I TOTALLY lose a triathlon in the swim. Numero uno and I had similar splits on everything else and I beat numero dos in everything but the swim. I realize the number 1s swim was pretty darn quick.. but I could make up time on T1 and the bike and swim.

#1: 52    175 MRS. #1         F  37   1/22   F3539 Superior        CO 1    14:30    1:02   33:17    0:54   24:12 1:13:53
#2: 115   168 MRS. #2         F  36   2/22   F3539 Middlebury      CT 1    17:31    1:38   35:03    1:01   25:43 1:20:53
#3: 147   166 Laura Mount     F  35   3/22   F3539 Bethel          CT 1    23:09    1:53   33:41    0:56   24:38 1:24:15


  1. I'm sooooo the same way! i'm very jealous of all those lady swimmers out there!

  2. Congrats on the 3rd place in your AG! I know what you mean about the swim, I always am jealous of those effortless swimmers!

  3. Forget swimming, you totally need to pick up some time on those ladies in T1 ;)
    Good race, Laura, keep it up. Excellent bike split especially.

  4. Good point. I had a problem w/ my timing chip. had to take it off and replace it b/c the strap was coming off and dangling on my ankle. :)