Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slowly but surely

IF you can see past my silly outfit ... two coats on my waste and inappropriate pants for a trail run I think you'll see that the P90X is starting to work. :) My shoulders have.. GASP.. are those muscles? :D YEAH! Nothing like seeing progress to keep you moving. Only 1.5 weeks left in this month then I'm onto the last month in the first round. Can't wait for round two. THAT'S WHERE THE MONEY IS!


  1. when do you do the workout? How long does it take?

  2. WOOT! You look awesome!

  3. Well I do shoulders once a week, but I do P90X daily. Either while the kids are in school, early a.m. or while they play depending on what's up that day. All of the work outs, except yoga are about 1 hour. :D