Monday, March 02, 2009

Not very bloggerific lately

Sorry I haven't been posting to the blog much. I do want to get back to it.. I do.

Things are wild and crazy here... as usual. Miss Lily is a non-napper these days which cuts into my blog time quite a bit. We are tired of being frozen to the core... Jason complains that he is cold every time we leave the house.

Thankfully we are headed to sunny warm Texas EARLY in the a.m. on Friday. It better be at least 80 when we show up. ha

So on Friday should you happen to wake in the middle of the night to pee - think of me. We are boarding a plane at around SIX A.M. on Friday. Do the math. I have to get myself and two wee ones (w/ Tom's help) ready and out the door to arrive at the airport by 5:30am. JOY. I'll be up by 4am at least getting myself ready ... to wake them by - gosh I don't know.... do I really want them to wake up all the way? Do I get them up early enough to eat some breakfast or do I slam them into clothes and put them in the car and race to the airport then feed them after we get through security... tough call. I know I will be using my super fantastic thermos coffee mug to get a coffee when we get to the airport so that during our 6+ hour excursion I will be able to have a sip of nice hot coffee to bring me back to reality/calmness should I need it. I mean, I won't need it b/c I am the picture of calmness. Look up zen in the dictionary... there I am. Okay, who am I kidding... I might have to get a refill cup of liquid pleasure (my coffee) at our layover airport....

Anyway.. you get the idea. My Friday shows promise to be VERY LONG... so say a little prayer for me that Child Services isn't waiting for me when I get off the plane in Texas.....

I already told my mom to be prepared in case I shove the kids at them and run back into the airport to book my flight to Mexico! :)


I thrive in change... I thrive in unusual circumstances.. I CAN do this! :)


  1. ha ha! I say barely wake them. Don't even get them dressed, just pack their clothes in the carry on (or have them sleep in their clothes to cut down on the stuff you have to carry). Bring snacks, for before, during, and after secruity. Good luck! At least you are not driving, right? Is it a direct flight or do you have a layover? Enjoy some sun and warm weather for us too!

  2. Good luck! Are you traveling alone with them? I've been wondering lately how feasible that kind of thing would be.

  3. Good call Karen.. thanks.

    Amy, yes traveling alone. Will let you know just how feasible it is after I've done it! :)