Friday, February 13, 2009

Addict eyes

Lily just discovered a pappy (pacifier) under a dresser... She said "HEY!" all excited and I turned around to see the look of addiction on my little girl's face. She was holding the coveted pappy and I think she was on the verge of drooling! She was mesmerized by it and I could see that she so badly wanted to put it in her mouth. I took it from her and told her the Pappy Fairy must have missed it and we would have to make a special package for it and give it to her tonight. Her response, "I just want to look at it." (aka "only one sip/drag/hit") I handed it back to her and saw the crazy eyes get wider and quickly put it back in my pocket.

Thankfully she is back to playing and has forgotten about it for now. Too bad I didn't have a camera on hand to catch the 'crazy addict eyes' on my two year old.

Just turned around again and she is peering back under the dresser for another pappy and just turned around and said, "I want the pappy. I just want to look at it for a little bit."

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