Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Feeling a bit better...

okay.. so my energy seems to have come back a bit. Marie pointed out that it might have been my plugged duct. I think she was right.

I've started adding a bit of running to my walking routine and will ease back into this running thing. I've committed to Marie that I will run/walk this thing... I can get my mind around that. So end of May we'll be out there. I really do want to do this and every time I'm out walking I think about it... along w/ about a billion other things.

We've got internet at mom's now.. not sure what happened - I was checking to see if I could read my old email messages offline and low and behold the internet was working.. don't know if I'm poaching off the neighbors or what. The sad news is that my camera battery is about shot and I forgot my charger at home. Need to go out and buy another... damn! Or I could just go two weeks w/o pics of my sweeties...eeek, that reminds me.. I have a problem.. tomorrow is their 9 mo bday and I've got to take photos.


  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I'm glad to hear that your energy is back! I'm sure plugged ducts take it out of you...and then piling on the stress of driving with twins and a pup, staying in a hotel room, uprooting your tuned schedule...all of those things...of course you needed a few days to get yourself back together! Hang in there, glad grandma is there to help, I'll send you lot's of good training energy vibes...whether that be walking or running!
    xoxo k & f

  2. Jennie8:14 AM

    Run walking rocks!! I remember when I realized that late in my running career. It's okay if you do more walking than running. Also, when the marathon comes, you may just feel so good that you actually end up running a little more than you expected.

    I wanted to mention how great your hair looks too! Actually, you look great overall!! i can't believe you had these babies just nine months ago! They say it takes nine months to get your shape back but I think you've got that beat by a couple of months. You're giving me hope as I sit here all bloated and uncomfortable.

    Go buy a charger...I love seeing photos! :)

  3. Jennie.. thanks for the compliment. I'm starting to feel like I'm really getting it back just since I've been here.. walking the dog daily and chasing babies helps me eat less.. ha ha some belly fat is starting to go, but the extra skin will take a bit longer. ha ha I love my hair this length too.. SO easy to deal w/. :)

  4. Just enjoy being with your family and getting out in the nice weather while you can. Easier said than done, right? And don't forget about the half marathon you ran and DIDN'T TRAIN FOR - :) Those were the days, huh? Happy bday babies!!!