Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Power of the TEAM!

T-12 days until Cedar Point Half!! GULP!

It’s been a bumpy road to get here! Injuries, stress, changes of course (full to half), but FINALLY I feel at peace and ready. I’ve had a couple of big weeks of training where I’ve – hold onto your seats – been able to hit every workout!!! Only one of which totally sucked. My hamstring is still an issue, but I’m thinking (hoping) that it won’t be too BIG of an issue because the Cedar Point course is flat!! (Let’s just go with that.)

I’m not sure if it’s the big training blocks that have given me some confidence or the Rev3 love I’ve gotten over the last couple of weeks. DAMN it feels good to feel you are part of something bigger than yourself! I was reminded of that fact this week. The fact that I represent the Trakkers/Rev3 team makes me so proud! I have a group of athletes that work their butts off behind me. I have a team of people that put on KICK ASS races behind me. I have an obligation to get my sorry butt out there and give it my best!!! Not an obligation to win the thing or live up to anyone else’s standards, but an obligation to the Rev3 spirit to just GET OUT THERE AND DO MY THING!

And despite Irene preparations and dealings I managed to get it done... even my INSIDE deathbrick!! 4.5 hours on on the spin bike then 3.1 miles on the treadmill!!

We all have our own reasons for doing this crazy mixed up endurance bit… you’ve got to have some driving forces behind you to get you going for some of those harder workouts. What’s your INNER FIRE that gets you out the door on those hard days?

I gotta say I got into this stuff for the fun of it and the friends I met along the way. That’s still my NUMERO UNO! I’m so happy to have had the reminder that while my friends on my Trakkers/Rev3 team might not be here training with me day in and day out there are MOST CERTAINLY there with me!!!

So EVERYONE racing Rev3 let’s DO THIS THING!!! I’ll meet you at the coasters on Saturday!

Roll Call Who’s in!?

And don’t forget that Registration opens on Sept 1st (that would be THIS THURSDAY) for Rev3 Wisconsin and Maine!! Click HERE to register!


  1. It's going to be a fun race, and I'm very excited for the race. Our first full, and it will be a challenge, but we'll get it done.

  2. We'll be there. I have a list that I'm sending out for a meet up of random bloggers/twitter peeps/etc. I'll include you in the email if you want. I think we're going to meet on Saturday in the afternoon just for a group "hi" and picture. :)

    You are going to kick major butt and I can't wait to scream for you from the sidelines! :) You'll know where I'm at! hehehe!

    And a 4.5 hour trainer ride? Girl, if you can do that, you can do anything!