Monday, July 18, 2011

I heart Running...

I'm SO Happy to report that I am running again withOUT pain!! I've only run on the track so far. The true test will come this week when I take it the streets! I've been working on the excercises that Kevin Maggs gave me at Rev3 Quassy and focusing on form when I hit the track. In my running absense I've also been hitting the weights. Full "ass to the grass" squats (video to come) ROCK my world. I love them.

From the things I've read and advice I've gotten regarding my running and nagging injuries my glutes and hips are weak and causing everything to basically go to shit. So that's what I've been working on, and I gotta tell you I think it's really helped. I feel much more powerful on the bike (hills), my knee is feeling SO MUCH BETTER and I seem to be able to hold splits (at the track) at the same speed, if not faster, than I used to, but am more comfortable. All good stuff!

So now I know YOU ALL want to know... what all does this entail.

Well, I do the following (care of Kevin Maggs) daily. (okay MOST days.)

And like I said I LOVE SQUATS! Real ones. I had never ever done them like this before. If you want some extra challenge (for your back) do some overhead squats!!! Use less weights than you do for the regular squats.

(that knee buckle in thing is another thing I'm to be working hard to avoid)

For more info check out Stumptuous. I'm loving her "learning" section.

And here is a demo of the overhead squat... back strength GALLORE to be had from this one!

Other great "big girl" barbell exercises for the legs are split squats and good mornings or deadlifts.

Split Squats

Good Mornings


I know we aren't bodybuilders... well, by we, I'm talking to my endurance friends.. we are endurance athletes... we swim, bike, run.... but you know what.. this stuff keeps us balanced and strong... and keeps us out there. I will NEVER neglect my strength workouts again. They are getting me back out there and damn I feel strong just going and playing w/ the 'real' weights. Don't get me wrong I still play w/ the 'girlie' weights! I'm not too good for them!

So do you hit your strength training workouts too or do you neglect them to 'save your legs'... might want to think again about that!

Do you lift heavy? Do you lift lighter, but higher reps? Or do you adjust your lifting w/ whatever "period" you are in in your training cycle?


  1. ok. I don't know why those didn't work. And well the poat just sucks w/o the video. I'll try to fix it tomorrow. :( sorry folks.

  2. Strength training is so important! I don't like it, but i do it, always. Keep up the good work!

  3. I would love to see the videos, but I am glad things are on the mend

  4. Such good news!! I can't wait to check out the videos! I think I'm going to have to add this stuff to my workouts as well!!

  5. You shift reps/sets/weight depending on where you are in the season.

    Were you not doing any strength training before you got hurt? Be careful you're not just lifting like an olympic lifter, but building functional strength.

    Glad you're running again, and good deal starting up a strength building session a few times a week. Smart girl