Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Focus.. hello? Are you out there?

I'm so unfocused right now and feeling kind of overwhelmed at the same time. I'm not focused on anything.. certainly not triathlon. Has me a bit nervous for Knoxville! I'm sure I'll survive.

I'm not even focused enough to write a blog about it. UGh! Thus why I haven't posted in a while.

I have 2.5 hours to myself 4 times a week and they are mostly taken up with workouts. All I want right now is to lay in bed and read the upteen thousand books I have checked out from the library... none of which are about triathlon. I'm reading about simplicity, the environmental impact of our over consumption... guess it's all kinda heavy and has me wanting to be in my head and not outside my body doing the things I have to do as a mother and athlete... can't I just get a tent and go into the woods for a little while? Please? No, oh fine!

So I do my workouts... read some books... feed/cloth/bathe/play with some kids... interact with my husband.... work w/ the contractors that are currently fixing the ice damning (I mean damming) damage to our house and day dream about being able to sell it sooner than later.

That's about it.

Sorry I'm not more uplifting and all go ho and what not about the pending tri season. I keep saying it will come. It will come, right? Of course it will. I guess this is my blog and part of the reality of this Wife.Mother.Athlete gig is that it's not all always great fun... so here's your daily dose of reality....

As we know ladies.. life happens... we keep our chin up and carry on!

Off to the woods w/ the kids and dog. Right after I bake this loaf of bread. We're hunkering down a little I suppose!

What do you do when you just want to escape!?


  1. I feel for ya! I feel super busy myself all the time and I am not even juggling the kids. Every blue moon I will take a little time for me and just draw a bath, relax and enjoy a few minutes of quiet, maybe actually take a minute to paint my nails or do a has been awhile since I have done any of these!

  2. We all need that escape, especially with the kiddos! I've become highly dependent on monthly date nights to relax and reconnect with wifey. I also love reading and try to read for at least 15min every night before bed. I feel it clears my mind. Keep you head up and dream of a warm spring!

  3. Yeah, it's hard to get everything done that we need to get done with kids, and then expect to actually have time to ourselves??? I read a lot when I have the chance. Sometimes I escape to a movie by myself, and on rare occasions we actually get a sitter and go on a date...Most days it's all I can do to just decompress after the kids go to bed.

  4. Hugs... I don't have kids, but I do understand life happening and just feeling like it all piles on. I know it's cliche, but a quick little pedicure totally brightens my day - especially in this crappy weather. Totally doesn't make the life tasks easier, but it's just "me" time.

  5. I realized today that I should have been the "cool aunt" and not mother of three, if ever wanted to get anything done. Sorry you are slumpin'. Return all but two of the library books,ditch one workout, and take a walk in the sun. Maybe your body/mind are overwhelmed and need time to digest all the new information and workouts.

  6. True dat. There's a reason I call you BFF!!! :) It's my life and I'll do what I want to do right? Today it did not include a run. :( ha

  7. I like the BFF comments. I agree. Take one step at a time.

  8. I totally get this way. Last year during my Cedar Point ramp up, I actually took almost an entire week off of training just because "life" got so overwhelming. Take some time to relax, it's important too!!