Tuesday, April 06, 2010

6.7 miles of hills

My run today was another tough one. I'm really pushing the pace for some reason. It's really strange... it's like my natural turn over/cadence is higher than my heart can keep up w/ now. Thanks speed training. I feel myself just suffering and get frustrated with myself for not being able to have a good strong run then I look down at my Garmin and I'm running sub8s. SERIOUSLY!? What's the matter w/ you SLOW down. So I slow down... only to find myself suffering at sub8 again.

I know I shouldn't be complaining. I worked hard to get some speed, but then I try to run up a hill and implode. My heart rate is already sky rocketing (side note: I finally found my heart rate strap - right where it was supposed to be - not sure how I missed it. So I will be wearing that more to keep tabs on what's up) and then I try to run up an MFer of a hill and just... can't... hold... on. FRUSTRATED.

Hmm.. this here blog is like therapy. Looks like I am doing this to myself. I set out today hoping to have a nice easy 8 mile run and ended up w/ an A$$ kicking 6.7 mile run. I never did find my groove... b/c my heart felt like it was going to explode. Well.. no wonder. I was running sub8s. I'm not sure who or what I'm racing against. I would be lying if I didn't say I didn't want to start posting slower runs ... but damn. I'm entitled to some slow ones right? Ha

I do want to start riding my bike more, but I've gone and registered for a bunch of running races. How much will cycling translate to running. Enough I'm sure. Jesus.. what am I doing to myself. I can CAN go out and run for fun.

I have a half marathon this weekend that I don't feel prepared for. I kinda forgot about it and then was writing out my calendar for April and realized.. oh it's April. I have a race. Then next month another half.. a trail run so I'm just going to go enjoy it... walk the hills if I need to. My limited trail running experience tells me my heart rate will really jack up on trails... so no worries. See some scenery enjoy the C02 from the trees. Enjoy the QUIET!

June brings a sprint tri (I think.. I got in late through a friend and am assuming I'm in... ) and a relay.

I'm still toying w/ the idea of doing a 70.3... I think I could pull it off, but better get my butt on my bike. Which I want to do anyway!

Ramble much?

I want to start posting more regularly, but wanted to be in a more positive place. The more I think about it the more I think it's actually just as beneficial to put the negative out there too. (obviously for me) As I've mentioned more than once it's hard to read all the info that makes it seem like everyone has a 'perfect' life (in many different areas). While I might seem to be some sort of rock star in other people's eyes (though this is hard for me to believe or imagine) it's good for everyone to see that I suffer too.. I have slumps (sometimes long ones) and it's okay if/when they do too. You just have to keep getting on the horse until the kinks get worked out!

I've been discovering lots of cool new blogs and it inspires me to keep this one chugging along. I want to change the name of it... or perhaps I need to start another one and get back to some family blogging. I know some of you would really rather see photos of the kids and hear more about what they are doing and less about how my work outs are going.


  1. No, you're pretty much a rock star ;)

  2. I love reading your blog and glad you are posting again. You really inspire me as an athlete (after pregnancy ... hope to get going again ) and love reading your thoughts. Hope you and the family are doing well. Keep in touch!

  3. Hey Anne... great to hear from you!! :) And glad to hear I can inspire.

    Dano.. can always count on a mood boost from you my friend. :) Thanks and right back at ya!

  4. Hey there!
    I'm so glad you found my blog, b/c it led me to yours. And funny to see how much we have in common (tri mom of boy/girl twins).
    and yes, def keep up w/the blogging and all of it! the good, the bad, the ugly. Only thing when you write the bad, your family might email and ask if you're okay;-)
    Yeah! Glad to find you!

  5. Beverly10:54 AM

    Are you in a "race" to get home because....... - fill in the blank?

  6. Mom.. yes, that is part of it.

    AM... LOVE the vitamix. Could not live without it!!!!

  7. Sorry you were so frustrated with your run. It's funny b/c I've done the same thing on some of my long runs. I'll be running along and all of a sudden I feel tired and out of breath, so I look at my Garmin, and sure enough I'm booking it way too fast! I don't know why I do it either!!

    I think you should def. sign up for a HIM! I did my first one last year and loved it! It was a little tough to find time to get all the training in with my little ones, but I managed. I'm doing my 2nd HIM this year and am so excited! You could totally do it! :)

    Good luck this weekend on your 1/2. I'm running a 1/2 too. I think this must be a really popular weekend for 1/2s b/c there are a lot of them!

  8. We all have slumps, but I think you are a rock star, for the record. You rocked those hills!

  9. Aimee.. I trained for a DNFd a HIM a few years ago.. two flats in 8 miles. GRR~! Got through my hardest discipline.. the swim. I totally need to tackle that distance again! What HIM are you doing?