Friday, February 19, 2010

Mama's back!

Okay so I realize my last post was pretty, uh, negative.

Let's leave that behind. The negativity!

I had a pretty nice slump there after Miami.. Post race blues hit HARD! Post race, post girls weekend, return to the cold and single parenting all in one day does not do well for me!!

I'm happy to report.. I'M OVER IT! I got back on track w/ my diet I pushed through the slump and I'm ready to get at it again!

I'm spinning, swimming and running and day dreaming about when I can take the biking outside. I'm working on finding some friends both local and around New England to ride with. I just met Mandy and found out she is training for a marathon (or two) AND Timberman. She lives in Maine and I hope I can join her for some rides this summer. Check out the local scenery.

I also met another woman that lives in New York (upstate) and she's going to join me for the NorthFace Challenge. She is training for Lake Placid - her first IM and I hope to make it to Ithaca to ride w/ her as well.

It feels good to be back and to be connecting w/ others. This weekend I'm going to a water running clinic w/ the local tri club... connections connections connections.. priming the pump for spring. I know it will come!!!!

Okay off for an adventure to the children's museum with some mom friends!!!

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  1. I'm glad you are back...I was beginning to wonder if it all got to you!!! Please let me know when you hit Ithaca...I'd love to join you guys on a ride...crazy hills there!!