Saturday, September 05, 2009

... slowly...

I'm spending WAY too much time day dreaming about our 'next life'... thinking about the new house, how and where our stuff will go, colors to paint, things we need, what to do in the yard, school the kids will go to, where will I go to the gym... will I go to the gym, what are my goals/plans for life in CT? My head spins, Tom is out of town and I stay up WAY too late.... uh, it's 2:25am I haven't been up this late for AT LEAST 4 years. At least I feel like I'm getting some where in slowing my spinning mind down. Though that's a normal state of affairs up there for me. Now if I could just get my legs a spinnin' too!

Our house here is sold... we ... just ... AWAIT.. WAIT WAIT WAIT for our close on this house. Closing at the end of October is great timing for us logistically, but mentally it is killing me. I'm certainly in no rush to get out of Madison. I will miss my life here dearly, but I do not function well in the limbo state. I feel stagnant. I hate to be stagnant! I feel like a dog in a cage ready to act, but unable to move. Just pacing and waiting and considering gnawing my own leg off just for something to pass the time.

Don't get me wrong... we are doing (read busying ourselves) plenty of stuff to get all we can out of our last midwest fall, er, summer. Tomorrow we are hitting the Iowa County (in Mineral Point, Wi) Fair. We are hitting TJs hard and our local parks. All at the kid's request. We are soaking up our favorite spots around town and are trying to explore the areas we kept saying we would get to. Unfortunately Gpa and Gma are redying themselves for their last midwest departure next week. They have graciously agreed to come to CT in November to assist me in unpacking and adjusting. This will be SO helpful as Tom is heavy in travel season and will be busy adjusting to his new role at Cannondale Sports Group as the Director of Accessories. He has already started the job and will continue to do his current job as Director of Product for Schwinn Specialty until they are able to fill the position. So I suppose things ARE moving forward, but it sure doesn't feel like it!

We have planned and subsequently canceled two trips to Seattle ... it's just too much right now for us to get out there w/ Tom traveling a lot and the move and kids starting school, etc. I just can't even wrap my mind around it. So spring... we will be out in spring over break.

Okay... I must go to sleep or NO amount of my now not so 'quit' coffee will make me even a little tolerable / tolerant tomorrow.

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  1. Ug. I hate those nights where your head is spinning. I hate waiting for things too. Can't wait for your trip to NW, whenever it is! :)