Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reality Check One, Two, One, Two

So I've been on the endurance train for a while. I took some pit stops here and there and I know I always feel better when I'm on the train, but seriously. Every time I get race photos back I think to myself, (YES THIS IS TOTALLY VEIN) "really I bust my ass and THIS is what I get?" I work out A LOT people. Run run run run and run some more. Now adding swimming and riding (new in the last three years anyway). And while this has certainly helped my pants size (why do people refer to it as dress size.. I mean really, who wears dresses anymore) my 'physique' is still not where I would like it to be.

I mean sure it could be worse, don't get me wrong most days I feel pretty good about the result, but really... it could be better. A lot better.

As most of you know I have been doing some P90X.. now I say some b/c I haven't done the program all out. I've done the weight sessions only and none of the other stuff... b/c well I've been running and riding and swimming. So each session takes under and hour... YES UNDER an hour. I run for at a minimum of 40 mins to an hour... MINIMUM! And my long runs take 1.5 to 2 hours at a minimum.

Anyway... a lot of you have asked... "is it worth it? Does P90X really work?" Well I would definitely say that I am getting stronger... still no pull up unassisted, but it's early. So here's what I'm committing to my dear readers. I will do the program. I'm going to consider myself 30 days in already... even though I didn't do the first 30 days all out. I don't want to start that round all over again b/c I don't want to get bored. I've done that round (half assed) more than once already.

So I'm going to do the program. I'll take photos. I already took my "30 day photos" which, I'm sorry, but I refuse to post until I have something better to look at. Most of you saw the bikini photos on facebook from when I went to Miami. They look about the same. This is where my original "Reality Check, One, Two, One, Two" came from. I took those photos and when I looked at them I immediately wanted to eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's b/c really. I do all this work, I DON'T Eat Ben and Jerry's and I look like THAT! SHIT! SHIT SHIT!!! It's time to do some work! REALLY!

Yes this post is vein. Am I proud of my athletic achievements?? HELLS YES! Am I proud of the way I look in a bikini.. absolutely NOT! So it's time for me to stop whining about it and drowning myself in imaginary ben and jerry's and start building some metabolism boosting muscle.

And just for you my dear readers... starting after my trip to Seattle I will even haul my lazy ass out of bed before the kids get up and get my P90X in so that I still have time during school hours to run ... b/c let's face it... I need it for my mental fortitude really.

PS. Most of you know I have some issues w/ food. (meaning I can't eat like a normal person b/c well my belly rebels!) so I won't be doing their food program, but based on what I've read / heard it's Paleo like.


  1. Katie3:13 PM

    Okay, so I'm about convinced to try this system. Is it basically a personal trainer in a kit? And does it really work? Are you workouts interesting? Just curious. I've heard about it for a while and saw my 1st infomercial on it last night. Just thought I would ask... : )

  2. You go get um girl. That's the nice thing about our lives, we have the ability to change what ever we want. I've noticed with many things that sometimes vanity gets us out the door and into something that we really end up loving and thus end up doing for non vain reasons. I've been there!

  3. What the hell are you talking about? you look fabulous - I am not blowing smoke either - you look great! Dude, I don't even dare to WEAR a bikini in my closet, not to mention in public. Have fun with P90x, but I am just saying, you need to be a little less harsh on yourself there!

  4. I agree with Caratunk...from what I remember of those pics, I kept thinking....and she had TWINS??? You look great. I, would not DARE go even NEAR a bikini, much less even THINK about putting one on. You go girl.

  5. Hey Katie.. yes, I guess you could say it's lake a trainer in a box. :) I like it. I think the work outs are different enough. It kicks your butt for sure!

  6. Laura. Seriously. You look fabulous. End. OF. Story.